Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson opens up about creative play-calling

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson opens up about creative play-calling

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson opens up about creative play-calling

Ben Johnson, in his second year leading the Detroit Lions‘ offense, has carved a niche for himself through creative play-calling. While the football universe often witnesses plays and concepts making their way from one team's playbook to another, Johnson's approach stands out for its unique twist. The Lions' coaching staff dedicates significant time and effort to crafting plays that could potentially turn the tide in crucial moments. Johnson acknowledges the paramount importance of not just devising these innovative plays but also strategically unleashing them.

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What did Ben Johnson Say?

According to Johnson, it's not merely about dialing up a unique play; it's about executing it at precisely the right moment to maximize the chance of success.

“It’s only good if it works,” Johnson said. “I know that every time one of these gets dialed up, we spend a lot of time as a staff, the head coach, the offensive staff, on when to pull these things out to give us the best chance of them actually succeeding,” said Johnson. “If they don’t, it’s a little bit of egg on your face. I can’t say the snap between the legs was really a third down call for us last week, but within the game it just felt right and so it ended up working out. Truthfully, we didn’t block it particularly well and David Montgomery made a great play. When the players are believing and they’re buying in, usually good things happen.”

Why it Matters

When these plays hit the field, it's a testament to the collective effort of the staff, head coach, and offensive team, with the players fully buying into the vision. The result? When the players believe, great things tend to happen. Johnson's penchant for creative play-calling will face another test when the Lions hit the road to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday. Football fans, be ready to witness more of Johnson's ingenious plays unfolding on the gridiron.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Innovative Play-Calling as a Competitive Edge: Ben Johnson, the Detroit Lions' offensive coordinator, distinguishes himself in the NFL by adopting a creative approach to play-calling.
  2. Timing and Strategy Matter: Johnson emphasizes that it's not enough to have creative plays in the playbook; it's equally crucial to know precisely when to deploy them.
  3. Redefining NFL Offensive Strategies: Johnson's unconventional approach challenges traditional offensive strategies in the NFL. His willingness to break from routine and introduce creativity into the Lions' playbook provides an exciting twist to their games.

Bottom Line – Johnson's Playbook: An Ongoing Symphony of Surprises

As the NFL season unfolds, Ben Johnson's playbook continues to read like a thrilling novel. It's a testament to his creative prowess, and with each passing game, we're treated to new chapters filled with inventive plays. The question isn't just about what's next; it's about how his creative mind will redefine offensive football. Johnson's narrative is one to follow closely, as it might just hold the key to the Lions' success this season and beyond.