Detroit Lions RT Penei Sewell ranks among the Top 10 NFL offensive tackles

Before all is said and done, Detroit Lions RT Penei Sewell is going to rank No. 1 on this list!

In ESPN's ongoing series of rankings, where NFL executives, coaches, scouts, and players vote for the top players at each position, a second Detroit Lions player has been honored. This time, it is right tackle Penei Sewell who has earned recognition, securing the sixth spot on the list of the league's top offensive tackles.

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Penei Sewell ranks among the Top 10 NFL offensive tackles

An anonymous NFL personnel director praised Sewell's talent and highlighted the advantage of him playing at right tackle:

“He's really talented, a good young player. Playing right tackle probably helps him become a natural left tackle later. He will be a good starter for a long time.”

Of particular note is Sewell's age, as he is just 22 years old, making him two years younger than any other player on the list. While Lions left tackle Taylor Decker did not make the top 10 list or receive honorable mentions, he was among the six additional offensive tackles who received votes.

Key Points

  • Penei Sewell recognized as the sixth-best offensive tackle in the NFL by ESPN's rankings.
  • Praise for Sewell's talent and potential as a young player.
  • Sewell's age advantage over other players on the list.
  • Taylor Decker receives votes but misses the top 10 list.

Bottom Line – Sewell's Ascension to the Elite

Penei Sewell's recognition as a top-10 offensive tackle showcases his exceptional skills, technique, and potential. His ability to hold his own against the league's premier pass rushers while also excelling in the run game demonstrates his versatility and impact on the Lions' offensive success. As Sewell continues to develop, he has the opportunity to cement his place among the league's elite tackles and contribute significantly to the Lions' future accomplishments.