Detroit Lions signing Bobby Wagner would be a Madden NFL 23 move

Let me begin by saying that I believe Bobby Wagner is one of the best linebackers ever to play, and he certainly played at a high level in 2022. That being said, this is not Madden NFL 23, and the Detroit Lions should absolutely not sign Wagner, who was recently cut by the Los Angeles Rams. Despite some fans advocating for the Lions to sign the future Hall of Famer, the team is not one player away from contending for a Super Bowl and does not need to spend money on a soon-to-be 33-year-old linebacker. Additionally, the Lions have young linebackers who have shown promise and development, making that position less of a need than it has been in the past.

Bobby Wagner Detroit Lions

Key points:

  • The Lions are not one player away from contending for a Super Bowl.
  • Signing Wagner would be expensive and short-term.
  • The Lions have young linebackers who have shown promise and development.
  • Wagner eventually will start to decline, we don't want that to be with the Lions

The Big Picture: Detroit Lions should focus on long-term growth

It is important for the Detroit Lions to focus on their long-term growth rather than short-term gains. While signing a player like Bobby Wagner may seem like a good move for a team on the verge of winning, the Lions are not at that point yet. By investing in young, promising players, the Lions can build a solid foundation for future success.

Bobby Wagner by the Numbers

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Wagner is a seven-time Pro Bowler and six-time First-Team All-Pro.

  • He had 140 combined tackles, six sacks, and two interceptions in 2022.
  • In 2022, Wagner had an outstanding PFF grade of 90.7

Bobby Wagner's impressive career accolades and consistent performance make him a desirable player for any team. However, his age makes him a risky investment for a team like the Lions that is focused on long-term growth.

The Bottom Line – This is NOT a video game

The Detroit Lions should pass on signing Bobby Wagner. While he is a talented player, the Lions are not in a position to contend for a Super Bowl and should focus on building a strong foundation for future success. By investing in young, promising players, the Lions can build a team that will be competitive for years to come. Folks, you are going to see people that believe the Lions should sign Wagner. I am here to tell you that though I respect all opinions, signing Wagner is a Madden video game-like move, not an NFL move.

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  1. W.G., would you be kind enough to explain specifically what you mean by comparing a signing of Wagner by the Lions as a Madden 23 move? In what way specifically would signing Wagner be like a video game? Thanks. P.S.: I don’t believe the Lions should sign Wagner either. But I played Madden until 2005 and I don’t understand the comparison.

    • Michael, first of all, thanks for taking the time to check out my article, it’s greatly appreciated. What I meant when I said signing Bobby Wagner would be like a Madden 23 move, I meant that it would be the type of move I would make in a video game, where there is no REAL consequences for future seasons since it is just a game. By thought is that signing Wagner to a multi-year deal could end up crippling the Lions a bit for future seasons, especially since he could begin declining at any time (he is getting older!). Thanks again for reading! -W.G. Brady


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