Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims with injury settlement

Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims with injury settlement

Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims with injury settlement

Denzel Mims has bid farewell to his short-lived stint with the Detroit Lions. According to a report from Field Yates, the Lions have waived Mims from the injured reserve list with an injury settlement, meaning his time in the Motor City has come to an end. Mims was acquired by the Lions via a trade with the New York Jets.

Detroit Lions waive Denzel Mims Denzel Mims' days with Detroit Lions are numbered Jared Goff
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What Happened?

This placement followed an unfortunate incident during a training camp practice in early August, where Mims sustained a lower leg injury due to a collision with his teammate, Tracy Walker. The silver lining for Mims is that he is now a free agent, able to explore opportunities with other teams.

Could the Lions Eventually Bring Denzel Mims Back?

It's important to note that Mims cannot rejoin the Lions until the terms of the injury settlement have run their course. The typical duration of such settlements is around four weeks, although the specifics have yet to be disclosed. While the Lions have previously brought back players post-injury settlements, such instances remain rare in the NFL.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Denzel Mims parts ways with Detroit Lions after injury settlement and subsequent waiver from the injured reserve list.
  2. Mims' lower leg injury, sustained in a practice collision with teammate Tracy Walker, led to his departure.
  3. The receiver now has the opportunity to sign with a different team, with the possibility of rejoining the Lions following the injury settlement period.
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Bottom Line: Worth a Try

The Lions were on the hunt for added depth in their wide receiver room, which is why they originally traded for Mims. However, Mims' journey has taken an unexpected detour. While initially showing signs of a promising recovery from an injury sustained during camp, Mims faced another setback. During a collaborative practice session with the New York Giants, he suffered a calf injury while rehabilitating from a previous ankle issue. Now, he will have to hope to land a contract with another team.