Detroit Lions Week 2 Inactives List for Matchup vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Detroit Lions Week 2 Inactives List has been released. Find out who will be OUT for today's game against the Seahawks.

Detroit Lions Week 2 Inactives List for Matchup vs. Seattle Seahawks

We are less than two hours away from watching our Detroit Lions take on the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2 of the 2023 NFL regular season, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ford Field is going to be ROCKING! The Lions are coming off a huge Week 1 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, but they lost starting LT Taylor Decker along the way. Just moments ago, the Lions released their Week 2 Inactives list, and as you can see, Decker is not the only regular who will not play against the Seahawks.

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Who is on the Detroit Lions Week 2 Inactives List?

Here is the Lions' inactives list, which was just released:

Detroit Lions Week 2 Inactives List,detroit lions

Why it Matters

Heading into the season, the Detroit Lions were nearly 100% healthy, but heading into Week 2, they are already having to deal with a couple of key injuries, including Taylor Decker, who injured his ankle against the Chiefs. With that being said, the Lions have a ‘Next Man Up' mentality, and that is exactly what will have to happen today against the Seahawks.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Key Injuries Impacting Week 2: The Detroit Lions, riding high after their Week 1 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs, are facing early challenges in the form of injuries. Starting left tackle Taylor Decker's absence due to an ankle injury is a significant blow. The Week 2 inactives list includes more names besides Decker, highlighting the team's early-season injury concerns.
  2. ‘Next Man Up' Mentality: The Lions have embraced a ‘Next Man Up' mentality, exemplifying their resilience in the face of adversity. With key players sidelined, Detroit will look to step up and fill the voids left by injured starters. This approach reflects the team's determination to maintain their momentum against the Seahawks.
  3. Ford Field's Enthusiastic Atmosphere: Despite the challenges posed by injuries, one certainty is the electric atmosphere at Ford Field for the upcoming game. The Lions' success in Week 1 has generated tremendous excitement among fans, ensuring a raucous and passionate crowd. The fans are poised to provide unwavering support as Detroit strives for another victory, making the stadium an intimidating environment for the Seahawks.
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Bottom Line: It's Almost Time!!!

Regardless of which players will be out for the Lions today, one thing is for certain, Ford Field is going to be LOUD for today's game. The hype around this team has never been higher, and you can bet the fans are going to do everything they can to show the Seahawks which NFL team really has the '12th Man' in the stands.