Detroit Lions Would Acquire DT Chris Jones in All-In Move

Do you think the Detroit Lions should go "All-In" and try to acquire Chris Jones?

As the Detroit Lions eye their championship prospects, Garrett Podell of CBS Sports suggests the team could consider a game-changing move that would shake up the NFL landscape. Podell suggests the Lions consider acquiring Chris Jones, one of the premier defensive tackles in the league, from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Chris Jones Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions Would Acquire DT Chris Jones in All-In Move

Jones, who is entering the final year of his contract and seeking a salary hike, has been missing training camp due to disagreements over contract talks. He's reportedly aiming for a deal worth $30 million annually. Jones' formidable performance last season, where he clocked a career-high 15.5 sacks, underscores his deserving case for a heftier contract.

Here is what Podell has to say about the Lions being a fit for Jones:

The Lions did so much work upgrading their secondary this offseason that coach Dan Campbell is now trying to slow the “hype train” that surrounds Detroit. But what about some big-time help for Aidan Hutchinson in the trenches? Jones is the kind of difference-maker who'd be a premium cherry on top of an improved “D.” And the Lions have a decent amount of cap space left in both 2023 ($19M), 2024 ($60M) and beyond.

Key Points

  • A CBS writer has suggested the Lions should consider acquiring Chris Jones from the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Jones is one of the top defensive tackles in the NFL.
  • He is seeking a new contract worth $30 million a year.
  • Jones set a career-high with 15.5 sacks last year.
  • The Lions have significant cap space in 2023 and 2024.

Bottom Line – A Roaring Leap Forward

If the Lions were to acquire Chris Jones, it would mark a potential turning point in their journey to Super Bowl contention. Such a move would underscore the team's determination and readiness to go all in for the upcoming season. While this move would undoubtedly involve a substantial financial commitment, including a good deal of draft capital, the impact of having a player of Jones' caliber could be transformative for the Lions. It's a high-stakes gamble, but it could result in a roaring leap forward for the Lions.