Detroit Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde says Alex DeBrincat has performed ‘as advertised’

Detroit Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde believes that 1st year Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat has performed 'as advertised'.

Detroit Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde believes that 1st year Red Wings forward Alex DeBrincat has performed ‘as advertised'.

During the summer, the Detroit Red Wings addressed a significant need by acquiring native son Alex DeBrincat from the Ottawa Senators. His initial torrid scoring pace ignited hope among Red Wings fans for the team's first 40-goal scorer since Marian Hossa in 2008-09. Although DeBrincat's scoring has tempered, Head Coach Derek Lalonde attests that he has performed “as advertised,” recognizing the natural ebb and flow in certain players' streaky performances.

Detroit Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde

Alex DeBrincat isn't scoring at his previous pace but has still been a positive addition

In the initial weeks of the regular season, DeBrincat surged to the top of the NHL goal-scoring chart before seeing other players pull ahead. Unfortunately, he has only managed to score a single goal in his last 14 games, falling short of the anticipated production observed early in the season.

Despite the scoring challenges, the Red Wings experienced a more favorable January compared to December, solidifying their position in one of the two Eastern Conference Wild Card spots.

Lalonde, who wasn't acquainted with DeBrincat before his acquisition, affirms that the player has lived up to expectations and has proven to be a positive addition to the team.

“The player has been as advertised,” Lalonde said. “He’s been excellent for us. Obviously, he’s provided goals, but the human being is just a great person. He’s awesome, infectious, everyone likes him. I did not know that about him. He’s been a nice addition to the group.”

Having amassed 43 points (18 goals, 25 assists) in 50 games, DeBrincat is currently on track to achieve 30 goals and 41 assists by the end of the season. This performance would be considered positive by the standards of the overwhelming majority of NHL players.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings acquired Alex DeBrincat from the Ottawa Senators over the summer, fulfilling a major need for a scoring forward
  2. DeBrincat enjoyed a torrid pace to start the season, and while he's not scoring at his previous pace, he's still been a positive addition
  3. Head coach Derek Lalonde believes that DeBrincat has performed “as advertised” in his 1st season with Detroit
Alex DeBrincat praises Detroit Red Wings fans

Bottom Line: Can DeBrincat rediscover his scoring touch?

The Red Wings are set to welcome back DeBrincat's good friend and former Blackhawks teammate Patrick Kane as they return to game action one week from today at home. This reunion is expected to have a positive impact, potentially reigniting DeBrincat's scoring prowess.

Until then, DeBrincat is representing the Red Wings at the 2023 NHL All-Star Game in Toronto, which takes place tonight following last night's Skills Competition.

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