Detroit Red Wings land Moritz Seider-lite in 2022 NHL Mock Draft

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Detroit Red Wings

This coming Thursday and Friday, the 2022 NHL Draft will take place, which means we will soon know exactly who Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman decides to select with his first pick.

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Barring any trades, which we know will end up happening, the Red Wings will have the 10 total selections in the 2022 NHL Draft, including the No. 8 overall pick in the opening round.

The big question is, which direction will Yzerman decide to go when the Red Wings are on the clock with the No. 8 overall pick?

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Detroit Red Wings land Moritz Seider-lite in 2022 NHL Mock Draft

In a mock draft recently released by Cam Cosentino of Sportsnet, he believes the Red Wing will select David Jiricek, who he compared to current Red Wings D Moritz Seider, minus some of the offense.

From Sportsnet:

8. Detroit: David Jiricek, D, HC Plzen (Extraliiga): 

This year’s version of Mo Seider minus some of the offence.

Here is what Devin Little of The Hockey Writers has to say about David Jiricek’s NHL readiness:

In my opinion, Jiříček is one of the most NHL-ready prospects in this draft class. Under the right circumstances, he could play in the NHL next season, likely in a bottom-pairing role before eventually working his way up to the middle-pairing by the end of the season. He would have to be on a team that has an opening for him to grab, and he would also need an effective, veteran partner on his pairing to take him under his wing and help him feel at home in the NHL.

The team that drafts Jiříček will have some options to weigh. While he played in his native Czechia this season, his rights are owned by the Spokane Chiefs of the Western Hockey League (WHL), making that a potential place for him to play next season. Furthermore, as a player drafted out of Europe, he would be eligible to play in the American Hockey League (AHL) next season as well, which would give him the opportunity to play against men in his first season in North America while also not dealing with the pressure that playing in the NHL brings.

Bottom line: if he doesn’t play in the NHL in the 2022-23 season, he should be in the league the following season.

Nation how would you feel about the Detroit Red Wings selecting Jiricek with the No. 8 overall pick?

Detroit Red Wings Draft Preview
Detroit Red Wings Draft Preview
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