Detroit Tigers CF Riley Greene blasts longest home run of career [Video]

Riley Greene blasts longest home run of his career as Detroit Tigers win series vs. Twins. What a beautiful swing!

Riley Greene blasts longest home run

The Detroit Tigers have once again showcased their potential, with young slugger Riley Greene taking center stage. In a tense showdown against the Minnesota Twins, where both teams' pitchers were displaying their dominance, Greene's bat spoke the loudest. With Twins pitcher Kenta Maeda ready to match the Tigers' Reese Olson's scoreless innings, Greene changed the narrative with a mammoth home run.

Riley Greene blasts longest home run

Greene Goes Yard

Watch as Greene unleashes on a Maeda slider, sending the pitch soaring 453 feet over the right-center field fence, marking his 10th home run of the season. This momentous BOMB was the tiebreaker, leading the Tigers to a 3-0 victory at Comerica Park, clinching three out of the four games in their series against the Twins.

“My second swing on the slider, I missed over it by like a foot,” Greene said. “I told myself to keep the same path, and when he threw it, I went down to get it. If you look at my swing on the pitch before, it was a terrible swing on it.”

“I just tried to put the barrel on the ball,” Greene said.

Greene, at just 22, showcases a promising trajectory, hitting an impressive .301 average this season, including a .311 average since his return from the injured list on July 8th.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Riley Greene hits a spectacular 453-foot home run, leading the Tigers to victory.
  • Greene's solo shot was his 10th homer in the current season.
  • The Tigers clinched three of the four games in their series against the Twins.

Bottom Line – Roaring Past Challenges

Riley Greene's recent performance is a testament to his talent, and hopefully, the promising direction in which the Detroit Tigers are headed. While the season is long and filled with challenges, victories like this one are worth celebrating. It's not just about the home runs, but the spirit, teamwork, and determination that leads to them. And as Greene said, “The boys are up, the music is loud.” It's time for the Tigers to enjoy this win and then set their sights on the challenges of tomorrow.