Detroit Tigers mentioned as fit for 3 Top 30 free agents

It is going to be very interesting to see which free agents the Detroit Tigers sign for the 2023 season.

2022 did not go as planned for the Detroit Tigers. Heading into the season, many picked them as a team that could not only hover around the .500 mark, but some went as far as predicting them to earn a wild-card playoff spot. Instead, the Tigers finished with one of the worst records in baseball and they even fired GM Al Avila before the season concluded. In order to turn things around in 2023, the Tigers will have to identify and sign a few free agents who fit what they are trying to do and Jon Heyman of the New York Post has listed a few solid options.

Detroit Tigers

Which Top 30 free agents are mentioned as fits for the Detroit Tigers?

On Thursday night, Jon Heyman released an article in which he takes a look at the Top 30 free agents for the upcoming offseason. But Heyman also takes it a step further as he predicts potential landing spots and a projected contract for those 30 free agents.

As you can see below, Heyman sees Brandon Nimmo, Willson Contreras, and Andrew Benintendi as potential fits for the Tigers.

Via Jon Heyman – New York Post

10. Brandon Nimmo: Much improved and will benefit from weak CF market. Teams: Mets, Rockies, Mariners, Giants, Rangers, Tigers, Red Sox. Expert: $145M, 7 years.

14. Willson Contreras: The Mets tried for him at deadline. Teams: White Sox, Tigers, Twins, Angels, Cardinals, Red Sox, Rays, Mets. Expert: $88M, 4 years.

22. Andrew Benintendi: Yankees missed him. Teams: Yankees, Tigers, Rockies, Red Sox, Rangers. Expert: $56M, 4 years.

Personally, I would love it if the Tigers could land Contreras and either Nimmo (first choice) or Benintendi for the 2023 season.

The Tigers need to make some moves to solidify their roster for 2023, and there are certainly some free agents who could come in and help the cause.

Nation, which of these three players would you prefer? Is there anyone else on the Top 30 list that you think the Tigers should go after?