Detroit Tigers prospect Colt Keith insists on position he will play in MLB

Detroit Tigers top prospect Colt Keith is determined to get his way when it comes to which position he will play.

Colt Keith, the highly regarded prospect of the Detroit Tigers, has been making waves in Double-A Erie with his exceptional performance, positioning himself as a strong candidate for promotion to Triple-A Toledo and eventually the Major Leagues. The 21-year-old left-handed hitter has been putting up impressive numbers for the SeaWolves, boasting a batting average of .325, an on-base average of .395, and a remarkable OPS of .991, including 14 home runs in just 55 games.

Colt Keith Detroit Tigers

Key Points

  • Colt Keith, a top prospect for the Detroit Tigers, is performing exceptionally well in Double-A Erie.
  • He has a batting average of .325, an on-base average of .395, and an OPS of .991 with 14 home runs in 55 games.
  • After a recent shoulder injury, Keith returned as a designated hitter and is expected to resume fielding soon.
  • The Tigers are grooming him to play both third base and second base.
  • Keith is determined to excel at third base, expressing confidence in his ability to become a high-caliber third baseman.

Detroit Tigers prospect Colt Keith insists on position he will play in MLB

Although a recent shoulder injury temporarily sidelined him, Keith has returned to the lineup as a designated hitter. Lynn Henning of The Detroit News reports that Keith and the Tigers' management anticipate his swift return to the field, where he will continue to receive training at both third base and second base.

As far as Keith is concerned, he is a third baseman, and that is where he will play.

“I’m going to obsess over third base until I figure it out,” he said during a Saturday phone conversation, just before Erie’s team bus boarded for that evening’s game against Harrisburg at FNB Field.

“My demeanor, my confidence, my mechanics have changed, and, to be honest, I think I can stick at third base. I’ve been making big strides that don’t often show up in the box score. But I’m going to have the athleticism to stick there, and I think I have it in me to be a high-caliber third baseman.

“With how I obsess over things, I think I’ll eventually figure it out.”

Bottom Line – Embracing the Hot Corner

In Colt Keith's quest to solidify himself as a top-tier third baseman, he faces challenges that demand unwavering dedication and perseverance. However, his conviction, combined with the Tigers' investment in his development, sets the stage for a captivating journey. As Keith obsesses over perfecting his skills at the hot corner, his determination and resilience will be crucial in achieving his goal. Whether he ultimately thrives at third base or transitions to the outfield, one thing is clear: Colt Keith's unwavering pursuit of positional excellence promises an exciting future for both himself and the Detroit Tigers organization.


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