DSN’s Countdown of the Top Celebrity Detroit Red Wings fans: No. 1

As one of the most popular and well known NHL franchises, it isn't any surprise that the Detroit Red Wings have fans from every corner of the globe. And naturally, some of those fans are going to be celebrities.

Let's take a look at some of the well known figures in entertainment who are also known for their love of the Winged Wheel!

No. 1: Actor Daniel Radcliffe

It's true – Harry Potter himself loves him some Detroit Red Wings hockey!

The British actor and producer gained worldwide fame for his portrayal of the eponymous character from J.K. Rowling's best-selling book series in their eight film adaptations, during which he became one of the highest paid actors in the world. He's also starred in additional movies, television series and stage productions.

And since July of 2013, he's been dating actress and Michigan native Erin Darke, and has since been seen routinely sporting Red Wings gear while out and about. And yes, he's also a Detroit Lions fan:

(Start at 1:52:)

The two of them spent the Christmas holidays with Darke's family in Michigan in 2013; Radcliffe had a humorous story to tell afterwards regarding his interactions with media members in Michigan:

“These journalists in Michigan were so happy that I had a nice time there. Normally I deal with the British tabloids, so this was the sweetest media thing that ever happened to me,” he told Playboy magazine in 2014.

Radcliffe also attended the New Year's Eve Game at Joe Louis Arena in 2015.

– – Quotes via Amy Huschka of The Detroit Free Press Link – –