Eminem has message for Detroit Lions [Video]

Eminem was recently in Allen Park to watch the Detroit Lions practice and the Hard Knocks' cameras were there.

If you have been making sure to catch each and every episode of Hard Knocks with the Detroit Lions, you have likely come away pretty impressed.

Four episodes of Hard Knocks are in the books and there will be one final episode on Tuesday, Sept. 6 on HBO and HBO Max.

On Thursday, the Lions released a little preview of what will be aired on the final episode and as you are about to see, Detroit rap legend Eminem was in the house.

“I'm going to lace up,” said Eminem, wearing a black hat and a blue jacket. “I'll go to every game. I'll stand on the sideline. And if you guys need to put me, put me in. Any position I'm good. Actually, any position I'm great.”

Check it out.