Fantasy Football Advice Week 4: Player Stocks

In fantasy football advice from DSN's Fantasy Factory, Dylan says to buy, sell, and hold on some big NFL names this week.

Fantasy Football Advice

DSN's Fantasy Factory gives you some fantasy football advice; Who to buy, sell, and hold for the fantasy football week. You'll be surprised what big names to sell this week.

STOCKS Week Four

Dylan Bair: Hello everybody and welcome back to The Fantasy Factory where we give you fantasy football advice for the 2022 season. We have another edition of the Stocks. We have another edition of the stocks with really big names. This week, the fantasy season is going along. We're hitting week four, and we have another buy, sell, or hold. This is gonna be very interesting because we have really big names on our list this week on the Fancy Factory.

And so I wanna start off here with a really, really big. name And that's Joe Mixon. Joe Mixon is somebody for a lot of fantasy owners. He was definitely somebody who was taken in the top 10. At the very least, if you were doing snake drafts or auctions, he was probably going 40-plus. And he is most people's RB, number one.

If he's your RB, number two, congrats to you, I guess. But for Joe Mixon, The Cincinnati offense for fantasy purposes has kind of sputtered. It hasn't looked great. There's been a lot of downturns, so to speak. Joe Burrow hasn't been exactly his best. However, I'm telling you guys for Joe Mixon this is a hold, this is a hold.

Do not despair. Look at, look at, look at this right here. Hold. Do not break formation on this. Joe Mixon is an absolute starter at running back. What you're gonna be getting for him right now is gonna be really low bids. It's going to be. Insulting. Remember why you drafted him this high. He's going to be getting the touches and even though it's his questionable above me, in the top right corner, right behind me here where my big head is obstructing things.

Joe Mixon is cleared for week four, so he's good to go. Don't be running off and going after some. A GP P Ryan, I got sleeper sleepers coming up as well. The three guys you should target in the waiver, but for Joe Mixon, Keep steady. Do not despair. He is going to be getting his, I can guarantee you that The next guy up is gonna be Kyle Pitts.

Ironically, this was somebody for the fancy factory in our stock segment. Last week. We were selling the Kyle Pitts stock. However, I will tell you that for this week, this is gonna be another hold. I don't know yet because everybody is gonna be seeing, what happened with Seattle. We gotta remember it's Seattle.

That is not a defense that is indicative of what he's gonna be facing. I mean, especially where you're in a division with Tampa Bay where that defense at the very least is really solid. And then you also have the New Orleans Saints, which while that team offensively is really struggling defensively, they still have some stars on that side of the ball.

Kyle Pitts is going to be, again, he's gonna be holding not as much as Joe Mixon, If you get a good offer for Kyle Pitts, go for it. But remember, you're gonna be really barren because I'm sure he's gonna be your tight end number one, and you probably don't have a backup for him. If you are going to sell Kyle Pitts, again, not my advisement, but if you do really remember.

Look at the sleeper sleepers. I got a tight end that you're gonna want to use as a backup in case somebody to pick up on waivers. Just in case you do decide you want to get rid of Kyle Pitts. So again, Kyle Pitts is gonna be a hold. Next up is gonna be Derrick Henry. I haven't made it very clear that I don't like Derrick Henry.

Not only as an actual running back, I think Jonathan Taylor is far superior to him, but for fantasy purposes, I mean, the numbers as you can see are they're fine. But they're not exactly what you expect. For a guy whose average draft position was in the top five, and for those who did auction was probably 55 plus.

He's definitely been a bit disappointing. I actually personally would have him as a sell and I know it's a bit of buyer's remorse for some of you folks there. But consider this, for instance, for fantasy football advice purposes, Cordarrelle Patterson has done better than Derrick Henry has. Cordarrelle Patterson Just let it sink in.

James Robinson has done better than Derrick Henry and part of the reason is that that offense, he is aging. The passing attack for Tennessee is nothing to be that impressed by, and you are starting to see Derrick Henry slow down. His average yards per carry has not been great for a while now, but there was a point where he had five straight games where his per carry average had dropped below 4.2 yards per carry.

That's not impressive for an NFL running back. Look at Jonathan Taylor's numbers. He definitely wasn't even touching that. His per carry average was above five and so Derrick Henry is gonna be somebody that I would say you're gonna wanna sell on. Sell Derrick Henry I know it's hater-aid I know. but Sell this guy.

I'm telling you, you will not regret it. Next up is gonna be sunshine. This Hmm. Full transparency. Last season from all three of the fantasy teams that I had, I had sunshine in all three in my championship league, I had the stack of Austin Ekeler, Justin Herbert, Jared Cook, and Keenan Allen. I was charging up, bolts up, you know.

The problem is, is that there's something off this year about the Charger offense and it's gonna get worse. Not only is it that Keenan Allen has been out, and you could clearly see, I will tell you this right now, if Keenan Allen isn't playing that offense, just doesn't perform the same, Mike Williams is a fine

receiver, but it's very clear that Justin Herbert trusts keynote substantially more. That offense is substantially more efficient. Obviously, if I haven't given it away already. This is a begrudging sell for this season. I love sunshine. I think next year he is gonna be fantastic, but it feels like this year there's a bit of sputtering and there's one major key that is gonna really dampen his value.

Fantasy-wise, Rashawn Slater, his left tackle is. That's major. His backside defense is not there. Meaning he's getting you more ERs. He's going to, He's already hurt. I mean, his ribs are like falling apart. And now you're telling me that in a division, Where he's gonna be going up against someone like a Mason Crosby or, Randy Gregory in Denver or, Chris Jones in Kansas City, that he's gonna be having to worry about his backside, his ribs got helmet smacked right in the side because Rashawn Slater, isn't there?

I can't do it for this season. It hurts me. I love Justin Herbert more than anybody. He's in my dynasty league as my QB. But you gotta sell on sunshine. I, it hurts. I promise I am in pain too. But I did avoid him because I was fearful that there was gonna be a bit of a drop back because can Allen has been too healthy and especially for his age, he's gonna be in and out.

So again sell on Justin Herbert and then. We have our last, guy for the stock segment of the Fantasy Factory, and that is Zay Jones. Zay Jones is somebody who is the only one of this group that is going to be a buy, and part of the reason is because of what you see with the other hand right there.

Look at that target count for the week. That's a fantastic target count. There's clearly it. Clearly, this Jacksonville offense is substantially improved under Doug Peterson. Trevor Lawrence looked fantastic with 25 fantasy points last week. He, threw, I believe, four touchdowns. I mean, just destroyed the bolts in Los Angeles.

A very impressive showing. and Zay Jones is somebody I, think of the two, whether it's Marvin Jones or Zay Jones, I think Zay Jones clearly seems to have a better relationship with. Trevor Lawrence as obviously indicated by his target count. Christian Kirk is by far the number one, but you're not getting Christian Kirk.

If you have 'em, great. If you don't, you're not getting them. Because Christian Kirk has been utterly phenomenal as a fantasy receiver. Zay Jones. However, somebody who's a really good bye, a good ad for, again, the roster on this is really low for Sleeper, but in much deeper leagues, 12 team leagues. He's definitely gonna be on some roster spots.

Even if you don't get him in the waivers this week, that's, This is a guy that I would try to target because Jacksonville's offense just looks utterly fantastic under Doug Peterson and I fully see Zay Jones as being a really viable wide receiver three flex option for you, especially in deeper leagues. He could be somebody that really gives you a lot of value.

So for Zay Jones, again, I have him as our only. By candidate for the stock segment this week in Fantasy Football. This is The Fantasy Factory. I am Dylan Bair. Thank you everybody again for joining us here on The Fantasy Factory. I hope you're week four is fantastic, and everybody who's playing me this week, I hope all your guys get injured and I get to four and oh in my primary league.

We'll see.