First look at Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles Chargers colors

Heading West: We now have our first look at Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles Chargers colors. Photo Credit - Mark J. Rebilas - USA Today Sports

Heading West: We now have our first look at Jim Harbaugh in Los Angeles Chargers colors

Jim Harbaugh, who recently guided the Michigan Wolverines to the 2024 National Championship, has officially accepted the head coaching position for the Los Angeles Chargers, marking his return to the NFL with the franchise that he suited up for during his playing days when they were based in San Diego. And now, we get our first official glimpse of Harbaugh donning the colors of his new team.

First look at Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh is the Los Angeles Chargers head coach

It's no secret that Harbaugh is hoping for an opportunity to secure a Super Bowl victory, particularly since his loss as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers to his brother, John Harbaugh, and the Baltimore Ravens in 2012.

When asked the reason why he decided to leave Michigan after winning a national title, Harbaugh had a simple explanation.

“There’s no Lombardi Trophy in college football,” Harbaugh said. “I’ve got so many sands left in the hourglass. I want to take a crack at that. There’s nowhere better to do it than with the Los Angeles Chargers.”

First look at Jim Harbaugh in Chargers colors

Harbaugh officially donned Chargers colors in a video interview:

“Every job I've taken at every step of the way in coaching, there was a connection there for me,” he said. “Coming back to the Chargers, the sincerity, it was there. It felt like…it just felt like home when I came here.”

“It’s gonna be a team. Think of a family. There’s gonna be igniters. There’s gonna be leaders by example. That’s mostly what I do. We’re gonna attack ‘em.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jim Harbaugh guided the Michigan Wolverines to their 1st National Championship since the 1997 season earlier this year
  2. He's since departed Ann Arbor to officially accept the head coaching position of the Los Angeles Chargers
  3. We got our first look at Jim Harbaugh wearing the powder blue of the Chargers, and he declared that his players will be ‘leaders by example'.
Jim Harbaugh coaching odds

Bottom Line: Thanks for everything, Coach Harbaugh

Though it took longer than expected, Jim Harbaugh eventually achieved his goal upon returning to his alma mater, winning a national championship.

Harbaugh is now once again in the NFL, where he will attempt to claim the last ultimate prize in football that has eluded him, the Super Bowl.

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