Hey Andre Drummond: quit whining and maybe give your new team a consistent effort

Former Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond was unceremoniously traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers this afternoon for a less than inspiring return of Brandon Knight, John Henson and a second-round pick.

Almost immediately, Drummond took to Twitter to whine that he was never told about an upcoming deal, and that there are “no friends and loyalty”.

Yeah, no. Save it, Andre.

Just yesterday you indicated to reporters that the trade talk, of which you were well aware, didn’t bother you. You said you’ve been hearing the trade talk for the last several years, and that you’ll continue to play until something happens.

Oh, and spare us your whining about “loyalty”. If you want loyalty, then why did you not immediately commit to signing a new deal with the Pistons?

I certainly hope that the Cavaliers can look forward to you putting forth a full effort on a consistent basis for once. I certainly speak for many when I say we were getting pretty tired of watching an immensely gifted athlete play as though he’d consumed several sleeping pills before a game far too often.

When you were actually interested and engaged, there was nobody in the NBA better at protecting the rim and padding rebound stats. That occurred far too often for a player who wants a max deal.

Have fun in Cleveland. I certainly won’t miss your half-hearted efforts here in a town that thrives on anything but.

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