Jameson Williams comments on liked tweet suggesting Detroit Lions pursue Lamar Jackson

Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams found himself in the spotlight back in March when he liked a tweet suggesting that the Lions should pursue Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. During the team's OTAs on Thursday, Williams faced questions regarding his online actions and specifically addressed his liking of the post advocating for the pursuit of Jackson.

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Key Points

  • Williams liked a tweet suggesting the Lions pursue Jackson.
  • During Lions' OTAs, Williams affirmed his strong relationship with Jared Goff.
  • Williams dismissed the Twitter activity as inconsequential to his bond with Goff.
  • He emphasized the disparity between social media interactions and real-life connections.

Jameson Williams comments on liked tweet suggesting Detroit Lions pursue Lamar Jackson

Williams emphatically expressed his support for Lions quarterback Jared Goff, stating, “I love Goff. We have a great relationship, and nothing has affected that. Our bond remains strong, and the rumors circulating on social media are merely that—rumors.” Williams downplayed the significance of his Twitter activity, highlighting the distinction between social media and real-life relationships.

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“Things that I like on the Instagram, Twitter, I hope those don't lead people the wrong way. But, it's social media. This is real life. That's social media.”

Bottom Line – Solidifying Bonds Beyond Social Media

Williams' clarification regarding his liked tweet about Jackson brings clarity to the speculation surrounding the Lions' quarterback situation. His unwavering support for Jared Goff reinforces the strength of their relationship, emphasizing that social media interactions should not overshadow the reality of personal connections.

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