Jared Goff contract negotiation considered ‘most important’ at his position

If Jared Goff can replicate what he did in 2022, he is doing to get paid. The question is, will it be the Lions who pay him?

As the quarterback contract market continues to soar, the attention also turns towards the “middle class” of signal callers, including Jared Goff. With two years remaining on his current contract, Goff's potential contract extension with the Detroit Lions has become a hot topic, especially considering his impressive performance in the previous season.

Jared Goff Contract

Jared Goff contract negotiation considered ‘most important' at his position

Pro Football Focus analyst Brad Spielberger recently identified Jared Goff's contract negotiation as the most important in the quarterback position. Spielberger highlighted the challenge faced by the Lions in deciding whether to extend Goff's contract, weighing the fear of losing a valuable asset against the limitations of his performance.

There will be plenty of intrigue at the top of the quarterback market with the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Chargers inking Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert to deals worth the GDP of a small country. But while the structures will be fascinating, we have a good idea of where the values will land and how they will shape the future roster construction of each club.

Goff, however, is the next in line of the above-average quarterbacks who create a difficult decision for a club balancing between the fear of letting a good thing go and the fear of the unknown.

Goff has undeniable arm talent and led a high-powered Detroit Lions offense in 2022 that should only improve, but he’s also failed to eclipse a 72.5 passing grade in four straight seasons and has had more turnover-worthy plays than big-time throws in three straight. In today’s NFL, his lack of athleticism shows up a bit more than it would have during the traditional pocket passer times, making his ceiling pretty clearly limited.

Will the Lions nonetheless extend Goff, who will end the 2023 season at 29 years old, if he has another good but not great season? Or will they roll the dice and try to shoot for the moon in the draft or otherwise? If they can get Goff to agree to a deal that doesn’t hamstring their ability to spend elsewhere, it could be worth it. But good luck negotiating that contract with a former No. 1 overall pick who topped the market on his first extension.

Key Points

  • Jared Goff's contract extension with the Detroit Lions has become a popular topic of discussion.
  • Pro Football Focus considers Goff's contract negotiation as the most important in the quarterback position.
  • Goff's arm talent is recognized, but concerns arise from his inconsistent performance and limited potential.
  • The Lions must balance the desire to retain Goff with the need to explore other options.
  • Negotiating a contract with a former No. 1 overall pick adds complexity to the situation.
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Bottom Line – Balancing Potential and Limitations

The Detroit Lions find themselves in a delicate position as they navigate Jared Goff's contract extension talks. While Goff's arm talent and previous success are acknowledged, his limitations and recent performance raise valid concerns. Finding the right balance between retaining Goff and exploring other possibilities will be crucial for the Lions' ability to build a competitive team. Ultimately, the contract negotiation will shape the direction of the franchise's quarterback position and impact the team's future success.