Jared Goff praises Detroit Lions offense after Week 1 win

Quarterback Jared Goff praises Detroit Lions offensive performance in their Week 1 win.

Quarterback Jared Goff praises Detroit Lions offensive performance in their Week 1 win.

The Detroit Lions took care of their business in Week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs, prevailing in what would eventually be a tight 21-20 win on the road at Arrowhead Stadium. For quarterback Jared Goff, who threw for 253 yards and a touchdown, the team offense has performed well.

Jared Goff praises Detroit Lions

The Lions offense is very highly regarded

Under offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, the Lions finished last season 3rd overall with 6,460 total net years, 4th in total touchdowns, 4th in first downs while also committing the fewest turnovers in 2022.

Jared Goff lists his favorite play from Week 1 and praises the offense

There was one play in particular that stood out for Goff during their win over Kansas City, and as he put it, it took place in the 2nd quarter when Detroit faced a 2nd and 11 from the Chiefs' 41 yard line.

“There was a throw to LaPorta to my left for 16, 17 yards,” Goff said this morning while appearing on the Lions flagship radio station 97.1 The Ticket. “They made us hot on a blitz when we didn’t have enough to protect it and I was able to drift left away from the pressure. And if you watch it, Jonah did a crazy hell of a job by a guard to pop back and block that last rusher, and was able to slide left and get it to Sam.”

Goff was then sure to compliment both LaPorta as well as Jahmyr Gibbs for their contributions in the victory.

“We trust him, I really trust him,” said Goff. “He’s done a great job since he got drafted of learning the offense and becoming trustworthy, becoming reliable, doing the right thing over and over again.”

“They did not flinch at all,” he continued. “It wasn't like it was a first game for them or first-game jitters. They were ready to go and did a great job stepping up for us when we needed them.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions took care of business in Week 1, winning on the road at Arrowhead Stadium against the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Quarterback Jared Goff, entering his third year with Detroit, threw for 253 yards and a touchdown
  3. Goff was sure to compliment his team offense for their work during the win

Bottom Line: Can Goff lead the Lions to a 2-0 start?

Goff and the Lions return home to the friendly confines of Ford Field for what will be a sold-out Week 2 matchup against the visiting Seattle Seahawks, who beat them in a wild 48-45 final score last October.

We're hoping for another key victory for Detroit, which would propel them to a solid 2-0 start in 2023.

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