Jared Goff’s goal is to get back to the Super Bowl and ‘finish the job’

By W.G. Brady  - Senior News Desk Writer
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Jared Goff

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff knows what it’s like to get to the Super Bowl. Goff also knows what it’s like to get to the Super Bowl and lose.

In Super Bowl LIII, Goff played arguably the worst game of his career as the New England Patriots defense held the Los Angeles Rams offense to just three points.

During the game, Goff completed just 19 0f 38 passes for 229 yards and an interception, and though he has probably had worse games in his career from a stats standpoint, anyone who watched that Super Bowl saw him making bad read after bad read and being late on throws for the entire four quarters.

Because of that Super Bowl loss, Jared Goff has a burning desire to get back and “finish the job.”

“Now you have this thing inside you of, ‘Man, I’ve gotten all the way there, how do I finish the job (next) time?’ That’s a fire that’s been burning in me since then to get back there,” Goff said on the most recent episode of The Pivot Podcast. “That will never burn out until I’m done playing, it never will. I don’t care where I’m playing, who I’m playing for, I’m always going to want to get back there and get that feeling of winning it. I think that’s the good part about getting your ass kicked in the Super Bowl, is getting that feeling in your stomach to get back there.”

“As far as handling the transition, it was a challenge, but a challenge that I took on and was ready for,” said Goff. “And similarly with this whole team and what it’s been through over the last couple decades or however long it’s been since a playoff win, it’s a challenge that I embrace and that we all embrace here of turning this around. That opportunity that we have and that I have to take advantage of this is pretty special.”

Jared Goff explains lofty goals for 2022 Detroit Lions

Jared Goff went on to say that step one for the Detroit Lions is winning the NFC North.

“Our goal is firstly to win the division and then compete in the playoffs for a championship,” he said. “I know you say that around here and people are [shocked] but no, internally, that is our goal. We feel like we’ve put some pieces in place and have the coaches in place, we feel good about Brad obviously and everything that they’ve done in the offseason, but it’s time. It’s time to go.

“I think that if I’ve learned anything, you think you have time but you don’t. You think you got time, you think, ‘Oh, we’ll get another chance at this.’ No, we gotta go right now and we gotta go fast, and it starts right now in training camp.”

Nation, what is the ceiling for Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions in 2022?

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