Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic Need to Make Adjustments

Ryan and Matt discuss the Mav’s needing to adjust if they want to battle Phoenix

Can Jason Kidd Make the Necessary Adjustments?

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Ryan Griffin: I am interested to see what kind of moves Jason Kidd makes in the playoffs. He’s still not a very experienced playoff coach and starting the year, I didn’t think he was very good, but overall he’s done a pretty good job this year with the Mavericks.

So it’s been a roller coaster of coach grading for Jason Kidd, but I’m interested to see what he does and how Phoenix comes out in game two. Are they going to really try and take hold of home court and step on their throw, go up 2-0, or is this a game they’re going to give away and they’re going to go to Dallas thinking, hey, we just got to get one back.

Matt Bassin: I don’t know what Jason Kidd can do. I just don’t think he has the personnel to make the changes to attack Phoenix. I understand what you’re saying about Jalen Brunson and the centers. Yes. Utah has a much better defensive center than the Phoenix Suns have. 

Outside of the center, the Phoenix Suns have  much better defensive players than Utah does, when you’re talking about guys playing positions one through four and not just including the five. And I think that might be affecting Jalen Brunson’s decision-making.

I think he’s got to not let it and play his game. Don’t worry about what the Suns are doing, bring what you got and bring what brought you here.

Does Luka Have Enough Help?

You did a fantastic job stepping up for Luka Dončić while he was coming back from injury. And you were a huge reason, probably the main reason besides Luka, that you guys are not watching from home and Utah being in this round instead.

You know how to do this, just do it, don’t worry about the team in front of you, what their jersey number says, what their name says, just play your game and be more of a help.

But I don’t know if Luka has enough help outside of Jalen Brunson, who needs to be that big help, otherwise the Mavs are not even going to win one game. As it is right now, I think they will win one. I think, as a gentleman sweep for the Phoenix Suns, but Dallas has the horses to take it to the Suns no matter what adjustments Jason Kidd makes. I just don’t think the players are there. 

Luka Is Playing Amazing

Ryan Griffin: I think the Mavs have to get one because, lost in all this, at least the way we’re talking about it, I’ve heard a lot of it talked about which is good, because he should get some recognition for it. Luka Dončić is playing amazing.

And he has been a really good playoff performer in the three seasons that he’s been in the playoffs. Right now he’s tied with Michael Jordan for the highest averages of playoff points in NBA history. They’re both at, I think 33.4, and Luka has just been a machine in the playoffs, which is commendable. 

Even last night, to spark their run, he was the guy. And he’s now dunking on people, which we didn’t see too much of the first few years. He was hitting big threes and honestly, they could have mattered if Dallas was going to have one of the all-time steals in game one.

I think they have to get a game because this guy is just too good to get swept. 

Written by Amy Price

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