Jim Harbaugh explains why QB J.J. McCarthy is a ‘D-A-W-G’ following win over Minnesota

Jim Harbaugh explains why QB J.J. McCarthy is a 'D-A-W-G' following win over Minnesota: Harbaugh reveals what DAWG stands for.

Jim Harbaugh explains why QB J.J. McCarthy is a ‘D-A-W-G' following win over Minnesota

In a thrilling Saturday night matchup, the Michigan Wolverines secured a resounding 52-10 victory over the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Amidst this dominating performance, quarterback J.J. McCarthy‘s star shone brightly. Head coach Jim Harbaugh couldn't contain his admiration for McCarthy's exceptional display, highlighting his discipline, grit, and unmatched athleticism. Harbaugh's unwavering confidence in McCarthy positions him as a standout talent in the realm of college football quarterbacks.

Jim Harbaugh explains

What did Jim Harbaugh Say About J.J. McCarthy?

Harbaugh confirmed that McCarthy was playing with an injured ankle vs. Minnesota. He also gave an acronym for DAWG.

Yeah, a little bit,” Harbaugh said about McCarthy playing with an injured ankle. “But it’s like the young people say — he’s a dawg. D-A-W-G — disciplined athlete with grit, put an acronym into it.”

I thought he really — that’s what really jumped out of my mind. Watching him play, he’s in total control when he’s making those kinds of plays. It looked kind of wild like he just doesn’t care. Like he’s just got no conscience. But he’s really in total control. The athleticism that it takes to do that is off the charts. It really is. But he’s — it’s great.

I know a lot of people, there’s a lot of great quarterbacks around the country and hear people talk about how this is the maybe — that it’s one of the best quarterback drafts ever, sometimes they say that in September, early October. But I know there are, there’s there’s a lot of really good ones. I mean, nobody we’d rather have than J.J. McCarthy. I haven’t watched all the guys, kind of starting to watch some of the others.

But you know, play for play, J.J. McCarthy — maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t think so. I’m trying not to be, but I think he’s the best one, I really do. Certainly no one we’d rather have. Just so good, so proud of him.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy earns high praise from Coach Jim Harbaugh after an impressive performance against the Minnesota Golden Gophers.
  2. Harbaugh commends McCarthy's discipline, grit, and athleticism, emphasizing his exceptional control on the field.
  3. The Wolverines' coach believes McCarthy is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, showcasing his unwavering confidence in the young talent.
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Bottom Line – McCarthy's Ascendance

J.J. McCarthy's exceptional performance and Coach Jim Harbaugh's effusive praise underscore the rising star of the Michigan Wolverines' quarterback. McCarthy's discipline, grit, and control on the field have left an indelible mark on the Wolverines' season, garnering recognition as one of the nation's premier quarterbacks. As McCarthy continues to shine, the Wolverines' prospects for a successful season appear increasingly promising, making him a player to watch in the college football landscape.