Lamar Jackson to the Detroit Lions?

Could Lamar Jackson be the Detroit Lions quarterback by the time the 2023 season rolls around?

As it stands, the Lions seem pretty committed to QB Jared Goff, who is currently under contract through the 2024 season but depending on how things go this coming season, there is certainly a chance they could look to move on.

Could Jackson be the quarterback the Lions move on to?

Well, that is what 97.1 the Ticket host Jim Costa proposed today and it has quite a few people talking.

Lamar Jackson to the Lions?

Here is what Jim Costa had to say about the Lions potentially going after Jackson in 2023.

“Am I crazy to bring this up? I think he plays this year in Baltimore. He’s on his fifth-year option, the offense is tailored, he will play in Baltimore this year,” host Jim Costa expressed. “He’s not at OTAs, there’s no deal that’s been reached. It’s weird, it’s been called mysterious. If he plays this year in Baltimore, and the Lions go out and win seven games, eight games, you find a foundation, would you be interested in Lamar? Absolutely.”

“You get the disgruntled quarterback, and that’s the market the Lions can participate in if this year goes well. If Campbell’s December carries over, if this young football team gets better, healthier, competitive, then you make a run at a Lamar Jackson,” Costa continued. “I don’t know if people feel that that’s the guy, but I view him as a top 10 quarterback, MVP. (He) led the league in touchdown passes, he’s 25 years old. Behind this offensive line, you want to be a run-first team? Put Lamar Jackson at quarterback and take this to another level. If you want to be aggressive, I think you first have to demonstrate you’ve built a football team worthy of plugging a QB in, and that’s what 2022’s all about.”

Nation, would you like to see Lamar Jackson in a Detroit Lions uniform?

Written by W.G. Brady

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