Lions’ Owner Sheila Hamp Doubles Down on Holmes/Campbell

    Detroit Lions’ owner Sheila Hamp just took to the podium to express her support for Lions’ GM Brad Holmes and Lions’ Head Coach Dan Campbell. While spending a few minutes with reporters, she reminded everyone (especially Lions fans) that this was a complete teardown from the old regime and that tough times were expected even though the Lions are 1-6. She supports those that are in charge.

    Sheila Hamp trusts the process

    Sheila Hamp

    I wanted to talk to you guys because I know, I mean, really talking to you, talking to the fans and, you know, everyone's frustrated.

    You know, I'm frustrated, but again, I, I really believe in what we've got and what we're going to be. It just takes time. Three things around that. Dan Campbell is still the right coach for this, uh, operation right now. When you look around the league and you see other rebuilds, you know, with more success, Yes.

    Well, what I really have confidence in is the process we went through in the first place when we hired Brad and Dan. It was extremely thorough, you know, and we really believe we've come up with the right people. So, you know, I can't comment on other teams rosters or what they had in the first place. All I know is what we had and where we're going.

    Sheila Hamp – Lions Press Confrence

    We soon forget just how bad Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia left things here in Detroit. And while the wins have not come as of yet, Dan Campbell has connected with his players in a way Patricia never could. And while fans may have had unrealistic expectations, it is clear Hamp does not. It is rare for her even to address the media, but she found it necessary to remind everyone just how badly this team needed a real build, and she believes the team is headed in the right direction.

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    With new additions like Aidan Hutchinson, Josh Paschal, Malcolm Rodriguez, and Kerby Joseph already making their presence felt on the field; you can see the start of something good. But patience is key, and Hamp clearly felt it was time to remind people of that.

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