Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh Suspension: Insights, Reactions, and the Impact on the 2023 Season

Reactions from players are coming in after news of Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh being suspended was announced.

Players are reacting to the suspension of Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh

Michigan Football has self-imposed a 3-game suspension for head football coach Jim Harbaugh due to his alleged violations committed during the COVID-19 dead period, meaning that he will not be available for Michigan's matchups against East Carolina, UNLV, and Bowling Green. And he as well as a handful of Michigan players have reacted to the announcement.

Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh

Michigan Football coach Jim Harbaugh avoided a longer suspension

The NCAA and Harbaugh have been negotiating on a four-game suspension since July. The secondary violations were elevated to first when Harbaugh allegedly misled NCAA investigators. On August 12, the deal appeared to be off. However, on Monday, Michigan football announced that it is taking matters into its own hands, suspending Harbaugh for the first three games of the 2023 season. Harbaugh will not be available to coach in the non-conference contests against East Carolina, UNLV, and Bowling Green, but he will be able to return to the sidelines for the Big Ten opener against Rutgers. He will be able to coach during the week in practice, however.

In response to the announcement, Harbaugh commented on the scenario via a team spokesman. Though he still cannot comment on the NCAA's case due to its bylaws, he expressed his mindset given the news.

“I will continue to do what I always do and what I always tell our players and my kids at home, ‘Don't get bitter, get better.'”

Michigan Wolverines players react to the suspension

Not long after the news broke, there was reaction from various Michigan players on Harbaugh's suspension.

“The situation doesn’t really affect us that much. We rally behind Coach,” Michigan sophomore defensive tackle Kenneth Grant said. “Whatever the decision is, we’re going to stand by it and play our game, Michigan football. We’re going to come out and do what we do.

“It’s time to get to business. It’s two weeks away from the first game, so we know what to expect. Just come out and ball.”

“Not much really to talk about,” added junior tight end Max Bredeson. “This is a pretty focused team, so everything that happened there, we just keep to ourselves. Focused team, driven — so we’ll be fine.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh will serve a self-imposed 3-game suspension for the start of this season
  2. Harbaugh promises that he will simply get “better” instead of “bitter”.
  3. Michigan Football players Kenneth Grant and Max Bredeson have offered their reactions to the news

Bottom Line: How will Harbaugh's absence affect Michigan?

It doesn't sound as though Michigan players are too worried about having to go without their iconic head coach on the sidelines for the first three games of the year, all of which they are heavily favored in.

In the meantime, Harbaugh is promising that he'll get “better” instead of “bitter”, which can only serve to help Michigan moving forward following the conclusion of his suspension.