Michigan Football Injury Report: 7 Wolverines OUT for matchup vs. Bowling Green

Michigan Football Injury Report: Find out the 7 players already ruled OUT and the the 6 players listed as QUESTIONABLE.

Michigan Football Injury Report: 7 Wolverines OUT for matchup vs. Bowling Green

On Saturday night, the Michigan football team will take the field for the third time without their head coach, Jim Harbaugh. But when the Wolverines take the field against Bowling Green, they will also be without one of their key defensive players. Michigan has released its injury report, and as you can see below, safety Rod Moore has been listed as OUT.

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Full Injury Report

Here is the full injury report:


* Sophomore wide receiver Darrius Clemons
• Sophmore cornerback Amorion Walker
• Junior safety Rod Moore
• Sophomore safety Zeke Berry
• Sophomore running back CJ Stokes
• Freshman running back Benjamin Hall
• Freshman defensive lineman Cameron Brandt


• Sophomore cornerback Will Johnson
• Senior safety Makari Paige
• Graduate quarterback Jack Tuttle
• Junior running back Tavierre Dunlap
• Graduate cornerback German Green
• Junior wide receiver Peyton O’Leary

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jim Harbaugh's Absence Continues: As Michigan prepares to face Bowling Green on Saturday night, they will do so for the third consecutive game without their head coach, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh's absence has been a notable storyline for the Wolverines this season, adding an extra layer of challenge for the team.
  2. Key Defensive Player Out: In addition to Harbaugh's absence, Michigan's defense will also be missing one of its key players. Safety Rod Moore has been listed as OUT on the injury report. This absence could potentially have a significant impact on the team's defensive strategy and performance in the upcoming game.
  3. Injury Report Overview: The injury report provides a comprehensive overview of the players who will be unavailable or are questionable for the upcoming game against Bowling Green. It includes several other players who are either OUT or QUESTIONABLE, affecting various positions on the team. These injuries could potentially impact the team's depth and overall game plan.

Bottom Line: Next Man Up

Michigan's upcoming game against Bowling Green presents additional challenges beyond the on-field competition. With head coach Jim Harbaugh still absent and key defensive player Rod Moore listed as OUT, the Wolverines will need to rely on their depth and adaptability to secure another easy victory to start out their 2023 season.