Michigan Football Injury Report Released for Matchup vs. Penn State

Michigan Football Injury Report Released for Matchup vs. Penn State

Michigan Football Injury Report Released for Matchup vs. Penn State

As the No. 2 Michigan Football team gears up for their clash against No. 10 Penn State, the team faces not only the absence of head coach Jim Harbaugh but also several players due to injuries. A recent update indicates that a hearing for Michigan's request for a temporary restraining order against the Big Ten will not occur until November 17, ensuring Harbaugh's unavailability for Saturday's game.

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Michigan Football's Injury Report

Michigan will enter the field without several players. The injury report lists the following: (Via Big Ten)


  • Davis Warren
  • C.J. Stokes
  • Danny Hughes


  • Josh Wallace
  • D.J. Waller

These absences could impact Michigan's strategy and depth, particularly if the questionable players are unable to participate.

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Penn State's Injury Report

Penn State also faces its share of injury-related challenges, with a significant list of players out for the upcoming game:


  • Tyler Johnson
  • Harrison Wallace III
  • Jameial Lyons
  • Tyler Holzworth
  • Feyisayo Oluleye
  • Mason Robinson
  • Ibrahim Traore
  • Liam Powers
  • Jim Fitzgerald
  • Jason Estrella
  • Smith Vilbert


  • Mason Stahl

The Nittany Lions' injury report is extensive, which could considerably affect their game plan and performance against the Wolverines.

The Bottom Line

As both teams prepare for the noon EST kickoff, the focus will not only be on the strategies and skills but also on how they adapt to the absence of key players. For Michigan, playing without their head coach and several players adds an extra layer of adversity. Meanwhile, Penn State must navigate its own injury hurdles. This Big Ten showdown is set to be a test of depth and resilience for both squads.

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