Michigan Football RB Blake Corum pays it forward for Thanksgiving

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Michigan Football RB Blake Corum pays it forward in a big way!

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Michigan Football RB Blake Corum pays it forward in a big way!

With Thanksgiving coming this week, it's an unfortuante reality that there are several families who are unable to afford some of the basic necessities for the holiday that plenty of us take for granted. And that's that's where Michigan Football running back Blake Corum has stepped in, using his Name, Image and Likeness money to donate over 600 turkeys to families in need.

Blake Corum pays it forward

This is the second time Corum has made the charitable donation at Thanksgiving

Corum is following up his donation of 300 turkeys to families in need last year by doubling that number to 600 this year. According to Michigan beat writer Angelique Chengelis, Corum is also donating milk.

Corum enjoying a strong season for the Wolverines

Corum is having an impressive season with Michigan Football, showcasing his prowess with 888 yards and 20 touchdowns on 180 carries in 2023. He and the Wolverines are gearing up for their colossal showdown against the rival Ohio State Buckeyes, set to unfold this upcoming Saturday at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. As Americans across the nation prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, Michigan Football's RB Blake Corum steps up in a meaningful gesture.
  2. Using his NIL funds, he generously donates 600 turkeys and essential goods to support families in need.
  3. Corum's remarkable season with the Wolverines continues to impress as they gear up for their upcoming clash against Ohio State this weekend

Bottom Line: Corum's generosity is a good example to follow

Corum's excellence isn't confined to the football field; his character shines through in his selfless use of NIL funds to aid those in need, particularly during the holiday season.

Regardless of one's allegiance to the Wolverines, Corum's remarkable act of generosity stands as an undeniable testament to his compassion and goodwill

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