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O.J. Simpson Dies at the Age of 76

O.J. Simpson Dies after a battle with cancer.

Derek Lalonde says Detroit Red Wings know this is their chance

Derek Lalonde says Detroit Red Wings may not be in this position in 2024-25 season.

Jared Goff on being traded to Detroit Lions: ‘Greatest thing that ever happened to me’

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Michigan State Spartans In A Must-Win Game

Can The Michigan State Spartans Win?

Matt: Ryan, I meant what I said last time. I got no hope for this team until they proved me otherwise. So I got nothing good to say about the Michigan State Spartans in this game. I don’t care if Rakim Jarrett is not playing for Maryland. Taulia is gonna play. I don’t care what they say about game-time decisions and all that stuff, and then, the ribs hurting and the ankle hurting and all that.

 he is going to play, You’re talking about one of the top quarterbacks in the Big 10. He’s completing 75% of his passes. He has 1100 plus yards on the season already. And if Jarrett doesn’t play, he’s the lead, the team’s leading receiver. He’s got 15 catches for 200-plus yards.  they got Jacob Copeland, they got Tai Felton, and you would know him, Michigan fans as the guy who let the opening kickoff bounce off his face mask.

But he is getting some love,  on the offense as well,  when he is in there. So for it. It doesn’t matter to me that their stud wide receivers not playing. We saw it last week with a worse offense and their stud wide receiver not playing and how much they torched our secondary until the Spartans prove otherwise, I am taking every opponent with a Pulse Act quarterback to beat this Michigan State team. 

Ryan: Man, I wanna pick the Spartans. I do think Jarrett’s not playing and I just don’t think the Michigan State Spartans can look this bad, like all these weeks in a row. I find I find it impossible, and I know they’ve been embarrassed two weeks in a row. Eventually, you have to have a get right week, and I, I don’t know.

I think it’ll come against Maryland. I still don’t think Maryland’s good. I know they gave Michigan,  a scare. I don’t know. I just don’t think Maryland’s good. And I think Maryland’s a Jekyll and Hyde type of team, or even if they look good one week, the next week, they can come out and just be absolutely horrible.

So I’m still sticking with the Michigan State Spartans in this game. I just think, yeah, I don’t know. they got, they gave Michigan and it’s this week 

Matt: they gave Michigan a touchdown lead and still gave him without that touchdown lead, they might win that football game. Like they gave them seven points to start the agent.

Here you go, Michigan, here’s a touchdown. Enjoy it.  

Ryan: But like, So before they also gave up, what? 500 yards at SMU? They did penalize 49 times a game. 

Matt: The first three games before they play Michigan at SMU, they were clean against Michigan. 

Ryan: Yeah. Okay. This, this one week. And maybe they put all their chips in that basket.

I don’t know. But I, I expect Maryland to return to more of that form, The bad defense, the undisciplined than I do think that they just turned some magnificent corner. 

Matt: Okay. But even with that, if they have a game with a whole bunch of penalties, they could, We’re talking about a team that ranks 23rd in the nation in.

At 300 yards a game, basically 299 0.8. They’re 32nd in total offense at 473 and a half yards, and they’re tied for 37th in scoring at 37 points a game. So I understand they could play sloppy and it could allow the Michigan State Spartans to hang around, but they’re putting up 37 points a game they’re throwing for 300 yards.

That’s against secondaries that at least can do something, the Michigan State Spartans Secondary hasn’t shown a breadth of life. 

Ryan: No, they haven’t. And like I said, I think it just can’t possibly be that bad,  another week. So like we talked about Maryland having their immaculate game against Michigan, they ended up losing, but it was a bunch of stuff that we saw from Maryland and we were like, Maryland can’t do that.

And then they ended up doing, I think you can see a similar type of game from the Michigan State Spartans and it’s not even the secondary plane lights out or great, it’s. In. It’s an interception. It’s a stupid mistake from Maryland that cost Maryland more so than the Michigan State Spartans, making some amazing play. I just like, so the team was obviously embarrassed.

They were embarrassed against Washington, and then they came back and had that performance that they had last week. I understand that. I actually use the team that’s been bad. Two straight weeks, right? They’ve gotten embarrassed twice. Ran off the field. Especially last week, what? 340 or 270 before the Michigan State Spartans scored some type of touchdown late.

And like you, you have to hear that. You have to hear that everybody is just now calling you garbage. Everyone’s telling you what Maryland’s gonna do for you. Last week you were only, I think, a four-point underdog this week. You’re a whole touchdown. 

Like that’s, if that doesn’t just piss them. then I’ve, I’m not that I have so much hope for this team now anyway, but like if that just doesn’t piss them off and make them play with fire under their asses that Maryland has never seen before.

Then, then I don’t know what to do then it’s just totally giving up and you don’t watch another game like the rest of the season. But like, you, you have to have some pride in your play. And as much as, as much criticism as this coaching staff has gotten, I do think that they still. 

Play for the coaches and if you have any pride at all in what you do, you’ll come out, you’ll make this a competitive game and you will make sure that like the two straight weeks of communication breakdowns you have, that you have every signal down to a tee.

You can memorize it in your sleep. And while that, I don’t think they have the execution part of it down, maybe there won’t be guys wide open. So maybe that third and eight that the other team converts now. Boom this week, it’s a pun.

And just having those add up,  I think The Michigan State Spartans will put on a better performance this week than they, than they for sure did last week, but the last two weeks. And then new hopes are enough to win. Cuz I don’t still, I don’t think Maryland’s very good. 

Matt: So let’s give the benefit of the doubt then. Let’s say that things do go the Michigan State Spartan’s way. How can they win this football game? There are a couple. Maryland’s run defense is flawed, to say the least. They allowed SMU to rack up over six yards per carry, and y’all saw what Blake Corum did to the Terrapins last week.

So if Jalen Berger, Jarek Broussard, and the offensive line can get their act together, then MSU could control the clock and not give the Maryland offense as much time on the. And as you said, Maryland can be sloppy. They have turnover issues. You’re talking about, you know, Taulia for all, all the great things he’s done, he still has four picks already on the year and there have been fumbles as well.

And so there’s an ability there for the Michigan State Spartans to take advantage of mistakes that Maryland makes. But after what I’ve seen the last two weeks where we went from a defense that was leading the nation with 12 sacks through the first two. We had one player, Jacoby Windmon, who had five and a half by himself through the first two games.

I haven’t heard Windmon’s name called in two weeks. I haven’t heard a thing from that defensive line as far as getting any pressure. They have had zero s in the last two weeks. The offensive line, all of a sudden can’t run block to save their lives, and we need all of that to get fixed right now. If the Michigan State Spartans are gonna go into college, park and beat Maryland.

Ryan: So it has to get fixed in the sense that it has to happen, but I don’t think it has to get fixed in the sense like, and now you gotta get five. And like there’s, there’s gotta be some happy medium between getting seven Ss in game one and getting zero Ss the last two games. And I don’t, I don’t know what kind of, where that’s gonna be, but I don’t think Michigan State is as bad as we’ve seen these last two weeks.

And I don’t,  you know, I, I don’t think there’s good as their preseason. Number 14, ranking, whatever they ended up being, what have you believed? I think they’re probably somewhere in the middle, which is still, you know, like a mediocre. Football team. I just think Maryland is mediocre too. And to me, if you’re going to like have two mediocre teams, I’m gonna take the one that you’re saying, Here’s the touchdown underdog.

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O.J. Simpson Dies at the Age of 76

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Derek Lalonde says Detroit Red Wings know this is their chance

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