Miguel Cabrera says he will play one final season of professional baseball

Miguel Cabrera says he will play one final season of professional baseball.

Miguel Cabrera says he will play one final season

Former Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, who retired from Major League Baseball following the 2023 season, has announced his decision to play his final season in Venezuela with Tigres de Aragua of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. This comes after his noteworthy 21-year career predominantly with the Tigers. His decision to return to his native country's league marks a significant and sentimental conclusion to his illustrious career, offering an exciting opportunity for his fans in Venezuela to witness his final professional games.

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One More Season

“I would like to play one more year, competing, playing well and winning with these young players,” Cabrera said, per a translation by Daniel Alvarez-Montes of El Extrabase. “I’m going to prepare properly, plan my final season next year and make it big like it was in the U.S.”

At this point, Miggy is focused on getting his body ready for the 2024 season.

“I want to be physically ready,” Cabrera added. “I always say that I don’t want to be embarrassed and if I‘m doing something, I’m doing it right.” 

The Big Picture: Cabrera's Legacy and Impact

Miguel Cabrera's decision to play in Venezuela symbolizes more than just an extension of his playing days; it's a homage to his beginnings and a testament to his passion for the sport. His return to Venezuelan baseball not only enriches the league but also serves as an inspiration for young players and fans alike. Cabrera's legacy, marked by over 500 career home runs, 3,000 hits, and a lifetime batting average of .306, extends beyond the MLB. His final season in Venezuela is poised to be a grand celebration of a storied career, impacting future generations of baseball players.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Legendary End: After retiring from MLB, Cabrera plans to play his final baseball season in Venezuela for Tigres de Aragua during the 2024–25 season, marking a return to his roots.
  2. A Stellar Career: Cabrera's MLB journey includes being a two-time American League MVP, a Triple Crown winner, and appearances in five World Baseball Classics. His last appearance in Venezuelan baseball was in the 2007–08 season.
  3. Health and Preparation: Cabrera emphasizes the importance of being physically prepared and healthy for his final season, especially considering his past knee issues. He wishes to leave a lasting impact in Venezuela similar to his legacy in the U.S.

The Bottom Line – Cabrera's Grand Farewell

As Miguel Cabrera prepares for his final season in Venezuela, his commitment to ending on a high note is clear. His intention to play well, compete, and win reflects his undying love for the game and desire to leave an indelible mark in his home country. Cabrera's return to Venezuela isn't just a farewell tour; it's a celebration of a remarkable career that transcended boundaries and inspired countless fans and players. His final season promises to be a memorable event, honoring a legend who significantly impacted the game of baseball both in the MLB and in his homeland.