Miguel Cabrera opens up about emotional final game with Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera opens up about emotional final game: All Miggy wanted to do was blast a home run, but that was impossible with what he was dealing with.

Miguel Cabrera opens up about emotional final game with Detroit Tigers

In a poignant farewell, Miguel Cabrera bid adieu to his illustrious Major League Baseball career on Sunday. The Detroit Tigers‘ victory over the Cleveland Guardians marked the end of an era, leaving both fans and Cabrera himself profoundly moved. After the final game, Cabrera shared his emotional journey and thoughts, providing insights into the touching moments that defined his farewell.

Miguel Cabrera opens up

What did Miguel Cabrera Say?

Miguel Cabrera's farewell game was a heartwarming spectacle, filled with emotional moments that encapsulated the essence of his career. Following the game, Cabrera opened up about his feelings, offering a glimpse into the sentimental aspects of his farewell.

Cabrera, who will transition into a special assistant role in the Tigers' front office, playfully acknowledged the post-game drenching he received with a water bucket, promising retribution next year.

“He's going to pay for that next year,” Cabrera said in response to Akil Baddoo dousing him with Gatorade while he was doing his post-game interview.

Reflecting on his time playing first base during the game, he humorously noted that “the ball always finds you.” His confident prediction held true, with the first ground ball indeed coming his way.

“The ball always finds you. Always. As soon as they told me what I was going to be doing, I told them, ‘The first grounder is going to be towards me. You'll see.' That's what happened.”

“I hadn't stepped foot on that first base for three years. The hands are still good. “Thank God I was able to make the play. It was a very special day.”

Cabrera expressed profound gratitude for the involvement of his family in the sendoff, emphasizing the significance of their presence during this poignant moment. However, the weight of emotions made his final at-bat a challenging endeavor. Overwhelmed by sentiment, he struggled to concentrate, illustrating the deep impact of the day.

“That moment will be in my memory for the rest of my life. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to be with them and say goodbye in this great city that has given so much to us.”

“I couldn't concentrate, I didn't have a plan. All I wanted to do was catch a pitch and try to knock it out of the park, but it didn't work.”

As the Venezuelan anthem, “Alma Llanera,” played before his final at-bat, Cabrera appreciated the gesture but found it difficult to maintain focus amid the surge of emotions. He candidly admitted that his vision blurred when the ball approached, hindering his concentration. Nonetheless, stepping onto first base after three years felt like a special achievement, underscoring the emotional depth of the day.

“When they played that, I said, ‘My God, please, give me a break so I can concentrate and maybe get a hit today.' But it was impossible. It seemed like when the ball came, my vision blurred and I couldn't concentrate.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Miguel Cabrera bids farewell to his MLB career in an emotional final game with the Detroit Tigers.
  2. Cabrera humorously acknowledges a post-game drenching and foresees payback next year.
  3. Overwhelmed by emotions, he shares the challenges of his final at-bat and the special significance of stepping onto first base.

Bottom Line – A Farewell Filled with Emotion

In a poignant farewell, Miguel Cabrera's final game showcased the raw emotion and sentimentality of baseball. As he embarks on a new chapter, his legacy remains an enduring testament to his passion and dedication to the game. As fans, all we can say is, “Gracias, Miggy!”