Mike Valenti rips Detroit Lions, calls loss to Seahawks ’unforgivable’

Changing his tune: Mike Valenti rips Detroit Lions loss to Seahawks in brutal opening segment.

Mike Valenti rips Detroit Lions loss to Seahawks in brutal opening segment.

The Detroit Lions were not able to capitalize on their momentum of the Week 1 victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, dropping their home opener to the visiting Seattle Seahawks on Sunday afternoon in overtime. And for outspoken 97.1 The Ticket host Mike Valenti, it represented a major letdown and a harsh dose of reality.

Mike Valenti rips Detroit Lions

Valenti's comments represent a stark change in tone

Just about everyone on 97.1 The Ticket was fired up after Detroit's victory over the Chiefs, and understandably so. Valenti, who is a noted frequent critic of the Lions, made no secret about his belief that Detroit will win the NFC North Division, even going so far as to say that the Seahawks shouldn't even bother getting on the plane to come to Detroit.

Valenti took the Lions to task after losing to the Seahawks

But after the loss on Sunday, Valenti immediately changed his tune and stated that he now has to lower his expectations for the Lions after seeing that they're still making the same mistakes that fans have grown accustomed to watching over the years.

Mike Valenti rips Detroit Lions

“I thought we were done with this,” he said. “I thought we were done having to lower our expectations, but that's where I'm at.”

“I have to lower my expectations for this team because they're not ready for it. They're not ready for what I thought they were ready to deliver on, because yesterday was unforgivable. That was as rat-ass, sloppy, nonsensical a performance as you're going to see. 10 days rest and you're coming home against a team coming to town with no playmakers up front and has street free-agents at both tackle spots. This team went out and made mistakes that they just don't make.”

“I gotta be honest…people, I'm terrified. The injuries that this team incurred in this game – David Montomgery, you find out that James Houston is going to be out until November….it's clear that Aidan is not good enough to do it by himself. He's a good player, but he ain't Nick Bosa.

Valenti then forbid anyone planning to call the station to discuss the game from blaming the officials missing a blatant holding call on Seattle's game-winning overtime touchdown.

“If you want to cry about the holding call, call a different show,” he said. “Because part of the expectation of being a great team is that you overcome that….don't distill this game into one thing, because to me, they had a chance to put this team away and they didn't do it. I gotta be honest – it's like an ‘on the brink' week to me. That loss really bothered and hurt me, it disappointed me, and I'm super bummed out, man. I can't believe they found a way to lose that game.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions were not able to carry the momentum from their Week 1 victory over the Chiefs, losing to the Seattle Seahawks at Ford Field on Sunday
  2. 97. The Ticket host Mike Valenti began his opening segment this afternoon by saying that he must now lower his expectations for the Lions because in his mind, they're not ready for prime time
  3. Valenti is also refusing to hear any talk of blaming the officials for the loss

Bottom Line: Do we have to lower expectations?

The sellout crowd at Ford Field certainly did their part on Sunday, creating an extremely loud and hostile environment for the visiting Seahawks, only to once again leave in disappointment.

Is Valenti correct in his assessment that fans must now lower their expectations for the Lions this season, or was Sunday's loss simply a minor setback on the path to greater success?

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