NFL Contenders After Week 1

Which teams made your NFL contenders list for week 1? Who impressed you the most?

Matt is already writing teams off (ouch), and Ryan thinks Patrick Mahomes is still the best QB in the world.

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Matthew Bassin: So my big thing was from the NFL this weekend, trying to figure out who’s real. Who’s not for me? I got four contenders out of this weekend, Buffalo, Kansas City, Tampa bay, and Minnesota. Those are the four contenders that I saw actually playing well from top to bottom this week.

Other than that, like the Chargers, The Rams, the Ravens, Cinci, Pittsburgh, Philly, New Orleans, y’all still need some more work to do in my mind to be a legitimate contender for wild card spots, Las Vegas, Miami, and Indi or Tennessee. One of them’s gotta win the division, but neither one showed me a damn thing.

This week that shows they deserve to win the division. Ryan,

Ryan Griffin: it’s gonna be Jacksonville. I know they lost. It’s gonna be Jacksonville. Win the division. I mean, I, I think I agree with all of those except Minnesota. I don’t know that beating the Packers in a week. One makes you a contender. Justin Jefferson is certainly great, but the Packers did the same thing last year when they got blown out by the saints.

And then they went on to win 12 or 13 games, whatever they won, and then still won the NFC north. So I think I would still pump the brakes on the Vikings, but I mean, you’re right about the chiefs and. I mean, that falls into my big thing Mahomes is still the best quarterback in the world. like, he knows all was talk.

He doesn’t have Tyreek hill. They’re gonna fall off a cliff. Nope. He is throwing to tight ends. People never heard of; he gave sky Moore 30 yards. He gave Marquez Valdes Scantling like 40 or 50 yards. Travis Kelce obviously does with Travis. Kelce does. And it was. You know, they just gave ’em more time cuz they improved that offensive line, and Mahomes was able, to make it work.

And Kansas City was my super bowl pick. I know DSN ran a like a staff prediction type piece. And Kansas City is where I had one in the super bowl. And after week one, you know, I’m definitely not shying away from that. Yeah,

Matthew Bassin: no yeah, the chiefs looked great. The Cardinals did not either offensively or defensively.

They’re missing some big pieces. I think Chandler Jones is gone. Right. They let ’em go. And like, that’s a that’s a big piece of that, that pass, rush that they are sorely missing. Arizona, just, I mean, for the amount of money that they throw into Kingsbury and them, and throw into the Muppet that’s playing quarterback for them.

Hey, I just yeah, I know, but he looks so small out there, and it just looks worse when they’re getting their butts handed to him. It just doesn’t; it doesn’t help matters. The chargers beat the Raiders. It was good, I thought the charges were the better team. It’s gotta suck to play your home games on the.

Like, like that, that stadium was like 80% Raider fans there. So it, it was all I heard. Every time something could happen for the Raiders, it is loud as can be. And like the charges you something good. And it’s like a quarter of the stadium was making some noise. Like that’s gotta suck. They don’t want ’em in LA.

They just really don’t. There’s no reason they should have left San Diego. At least those fans would actually cheer for the team as much as they hated the ownership. But Baltimore, I think, should have beat the jets by more than they did. It was, it was way too close early. C and pit that was just sloppy.

Do you want to call it a super bowl hangover for CCY and the Rams? I don’t know, but for all the money they threw to make an offensive line that’s supposed to protect Joe burrow, man, y’all failed miserably. I understand that the Steelers have a good defense. It’s still the first week of the season y’all should have been better than that.

Burrow was getting planted. Like they didn’t spend any money to protect him. It was just, it looked really bad. He had just as many interceptions as the staffer did in the first game of season three, each of them, it just, it did not look. And New Orleans. I understand it’s on the road against your, probably your biggest division rival because New Orleans and Atlanta have been going at it for a long time, but you’re supposed to be the better team.

No question. And there was a giant question in that game, and you’re lucky to have come out and won that football game, the Falcons, all the props in the world, they did everything they could to win that game. They just couldn’t get it done in the end.

Ryan Griffin: No, they couldn’t. And you know, Jacksonville’s kind of the same way going against the commanders, although, yeah, Washington’s not, not great E either, Jacksonville probably should have had the game one, Houston was up 17 on the Colts, and then that game ended up in the, in the tie.

So it was; it is what it is. Week one is kind of proven to have been weird in the NFL. And this week, this year, was certainly no exception. I would probably argue it was one of the weirder week ones we’ve seen. And, you know, Monday night football is about to kick off here. By the time you guys see this show have already known, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

Seattle, I winded up, you know, beating Denver in Russell Wilson’s revenge game.

Matthew Bassin: That would be one hell of an upset. I will say the four teams that I think are in real trouble, green bay, Dallas, New England, and the New York jets. Those four teams. I think you’re in real trouble, New England. I don’t know what you have going on there.

Offensively. It is ugly as can be, Dallas, even with your place. Yeah. Right. Dallas, even with your starting offense, you didn’t do a damn thing. So even with, you know, with daks going out, obviously it doesn’t help matters. But it did not look good. And green bay, as I understand, they’re gonna get the drops fixed.

They say I don’t know if they actually will. I don’t know who Aaron Rogers is gonna throw the ball to this year. That’s gonna actually catch the ball and do something with it. And until they find someone who will, that offense is in a lot of trouble as well.

Ryan Griffin: Yeah, man. So I still believe in green bay, but the other teams.

Yeah. I don’t think they’re any good at all. You know, the jets might be the worst team in the NFL. Who else do you jam?

Matthew Bassin: The Dallas? Dallas green bay

Ryan Griffin: and New England. Yeah. Well, Dallas without Dak. Like now, they’re probably a fringe playoff team. Anyway, then the. The Patriots. I don’t know what’s going on there.

Right? If Matt Patricia’s calling your place and you have Mac Jones, who I, I still don’t think is very good. It, it, it’s weird. It seems like it might be time for Bill to hang him up or at least leave New England and go to a team that can be a contender so that he can show like, Hey, I’m still a good guy.

Like, don’t let the fact that this team is terrible. It’s selling my legacy at all.

Matthew Bassin: That’s a big ask for someone the age of bill Belichick to go leave and start it up again. You’re gonna have to do it for at least four or five years. And I don’t know if he’s gonna want to do that to rebuild a whole new franchise.

I don’t know.

Ryan Griffin: I don’t know. You gotta do it for four or five years.

Matthew Bassin: go somewhere for two and win and leave.

Ryan Griffin: I mean, yeah. Like you can look at the saints, right? The saints seem like they’re pretty. Outside of not having a quarterback, but if you can get a quarterback and you can bring bill bell, check in there, right?

Like almost like the dolphins were trying to do with like Sean Payton and Tom Brady. Like if we have a quarterback and now we bring in this coach, we’re gonna be, you know, whatever. So I think that could be in play for be check. Yeah. I don’t know, go to a team like the chargers,

Matthew Bassin: get some sun in his later years.

Not a terrible idea. All. Oh, that’s gonna do it. Thanks for kicking it with us. Oh, Griffin and bass for Ryan Griffin. I’m Matt Bassin as always, Wutang is for the children. We’ll see y’all at the end of the week where we get y’all ready for the lions and the commanders, Michigan state, as well as Michigan playing this weekend.

We’ll get you ready for all that coming up in our next episode. Thanks for kicking it with us. We’ll see you than peace.

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