Our Ingenious Plan For Kyrie To Not Get Fined

Kyrie Irving needs to let his teammates do his dirty work.

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A.J. Reilly: Kyrie Irving may have taken it too far. Do you think Michael Jordan would have flipped the bird on national TV after hitting a three-pointer? No. He didn’t cross Byron Russell over. He didn’t hit the game-winning shot and he just stood there and hit the follow-through. That’s the talking you need to have.

Ryan Griffin: I think if Jordan was around, late during the social media era, or he could just get 24/7 non-stop disrespect from all these fans and they’d probably know way more about them because you can Google everything that this dude has ever said. 

That’s the level of stuff that’s going on with Kyrie. Anti-vax, flat earth, all that stuff. I’m sure that’s what’s being thrown at them. So I think if Jordan had to deal with all that and then just got that much more vitriol I do think he would have lashed out at the fans. Maybe not flip them the bird, but I think he definitely would have talked some smack back.

A.J. Reilly: Look, I like talking smack. I have no problem with smack talking. Maybe that’s just where I draw my line. I have no problem with him sitting there, drawing or just hit that three pointer and stare at the dude like, yeah, I know you wish you were me and then walk away.

But the bird flipping and all that kind of stuff, that’s where I’m like, maybe that was just a step too far. The only person that lost in that exchange is Kyrie Irving because the videos are all over social media because his wallet got hit.

I hope and pray that Adam Silver is smart enough when things like this happen, that there’s never going to be games lost for it.

Unless it is like a Ron Artest (Metta World Peace), or whatever he’s calling himself, running into the stands and punching a dude at the palace. There’s got to be some kind of control.

Drawing the Line

Ryan Griffin: I think if Kyrie flips someone off again, I think he’ll be suspended. I think they’ll let him get away with talking smack, but I think they’ve already told him privately because obviously it hasn’t been reported. And I don’t know if it’s true. I would guess they told him privately, hey, just don’t put up the finger and you’ll be alright. Short of throwing the ball at a spectator. 

A.J. Reilly: Let’s work off of that hypothetical private meeting. Do you trust Kyrie Irving enough to not do something like that with Porter’s team?

Ryan Griffin: I don’t know. No, I’d probably say no. Let’s just hope he doesn’t so that he can play in Brooklyn.

A.J. Reilly: Ah, I guess so but my goodness,he’s walking a fine line, right? 

Ryan Griffin: They’ll give him the warning. 

A.J. Reilly: They’d be like, hey Kevin you’re up, hey Blake your next, Andre after that. Like just get everybody on the team to flip the bird. Maybe you’re standing next to Kyrie and you’ve flipped the bird, but Kyrie doesn’t have to. 

Ryan Griffin: And then he whispers in your ear so everyone can see it and then they just go, sure. 

A.J. Reilly: Sure. There you go. There’s your plan Kyrie. Usually listen to Detroit Sports Nation. Take our advice cause we will keep you out of the suspended territory and playing every game

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Written by Amy Price

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