PFT says NFL should lean on Sheila Ford Hamp to sell Detroit Lions

Welp, the Detroit Lions figured out another way to lose on Thanksgiving Day as they fell 16-14 to the Chicago Bears.

During the flame, Pro Football Talk managing editor Michael David Smith took to Twitter to call upon the NFL to lean on Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp to sell the team.

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“I think the NFL should lean on Sheila Ford Hamp to sell the Lions. It's not fair to Lions fans that her family has run the franchise into the ground for 60 years. One thing the league could do is tell her she's got a year to sell the team or Detroit is losing Thanksgiving.”

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    • And if that thought bubble becomes reality, will the sale contract include a clause that the Lions must stay in Detroit for the life of the NFL? I’d rather have a bad team in Detroit than no team in Detroit.

  1. This is one of the best Lions team in history except for some bad calls. Russ Thomas and Tommy Hudsmith would be proud. Forget the record and thank the Fords for doing an outstanding job making Detroit fans proud.

  2. The lines have changed every cog of personnel from the general manager, offensive and defensive coordinators, head coaches, quarterbacks running backs. It’s clear that the ownership doesn’t have what it takes to run a successful NFL franchise. In 60 years should be enough proof that my statement is true and valid

  3. She doesn’t know how to run her team or any team in the NFL
    She has no leadership or any. Clue who good players or coaches are out there.
    It’s sad but she can’t handle anything related to the NFL make her sell

  4. Are many of you commenters just venting or do you really want the Lions sold? If you want a sale, the new owner will almost certainly move the team. And if you want the team sold, you aren’t a genuine lion’s fan. I don’t like what is happening to the Lions either, but I understand it and I think/pray they are on the right track for a better future. I don’t know SFH but I hope/think she is much more win oriented than her parents who reportedly were too loyal to admin that weren’t well selected and weren’t up to the job. And with bad admin, you get decades of bad teams. The Lions are just a few months into an almost unprecedented total rebuild – the entire admin (except for 1 person?), the entire coaching staff, and almost the entire playing roster. The inherited playing roster was/is made up of many that would not start or make other teams. They lost many of their best players in the last year thru trades and free agency and started this year with a much worse team than the 5-11 of last year. Las Vegas over/under on Lion wins this year confirmed this. And the obj’s and von millers aren’t coming to us mid-year in a rebuild for the cap money available, so don’t expect a late-year winning streak. The players and coaches will continue to make rookie mistakes as they learn on the job. Sadly, there isn’t a no-risk franchise qb in this year’s draft that is worthy of pick 1 or 2. Therefore a qb change for next year would mean 1 from free agency and then we are back to our salary cap carry-over problems restricting us to a tier 2 or 3 QB signing. In life, children need encouragement rather than hateful talk about how worthless they are and will be in their futures. Lions ar no different unless you want the team to leave home.

    • Re your (except for 1 person?) – that person happens to be Only the team President, who self-admitted he was unqualified to run any NFL team, other than the lowly Lions owned by the infamous, football-failing Ford family of 60 yrs and counting… ridiculous

  5. The frustration is understandable. Yet, what could she have done differently with the situation she inherited? Fire the existing coach and GM and start over? She did just that. If they can’t hire, what makes one so certain that they would fare any better choosing a successor? This team had zero expectations this year.

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