Pistons’ great Isiah Thomas throws more shade at Michael Jordan

In case you did not know already, former Detroit Pistons great Isiah Thomas is not a big fan of the greatest player of all-time, Michael Jordan. (Yes, I said it)

Over the past few months, Thomas' hatred for Jordan has really come out as he has consistently taken the opportunity to throw shade at his former (and current) nemesis.

Well, Thomas was at it again when he recently joined the Club Shay Shay podcast.

When asked about playing against a young Michael Jordan, Thomas said that he was dominant over him.

“Head-to-head, I was dominant over him. He just wasn't my competition. My focus was Bird, Magic, Dr. J, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

Then, Thomas took things to another level as he told Shannon Sharpe that Jordan was the 5th-toughest player he ever faced.

Most people around these parts cannot stand Jordan but who actually believes this?