Red Wings align with most of the rest of the NHL, shift game times

Most of the NHL starts their games at 7PM during the weekdays, now, the Red Wings are following suit.

Detroit Red Wings align on game start times

The Detroit Red Wings announced today that they are making a shift in game times for Weekday games to align with most of the rest of the NHL.

“Based on feedback from fans, season ticket members, hockey operations staff, and club partners, we’re confident the 7:00 p.m. start for weekday games will be a welcomed change,” said Chris McGowan, President and CEO of Ilitch Sports + Entertainment. “The 7:00 p.m. first puck drop aligns with the start times of the majority of NHL clubs (27 of 32). Once the national television schedule was announced, we worked through the approval process with the NHL and Bally Sports Detroit to move these games to 7:00 p.m. We’re looking forward to feeling the energy our tremendous Red Wings fans will bring on Opening Night and throughout the upcoming season at Little Caesars Arena.”

Chris McGowan, President and CEO of Ilitch Sports + Entertainment

What Red Wing games will shift to the new time?

The Wings announced the new start times for 20 weekday home games today, just 10 days before their first game of the season.

Oct. 14, Montreal Canadiens

Oct. 17, Los Angeles Kings

Oct. 25, New Jersey Devils

Nov. 3, Washington Capitals

Nov. 8, Montreal Canadiens

Nov. 19, New York Rangers

Nov. 23, Nashville Predators

Nov. 28, Toronto Maple Leafs

Nov. 30, Buffalo Sabres

Dec. 3, Vegas Golden Knights

Dec. 13, Carolina Hurricanes

Dec. 21, Tampa Bay Lightning

Dec. 31, Ottawa Senators

Jan. 4, New Jersey Devils

Jan. 10, Winnipeg Jets

Jan. 12, Toronto Maple Leafs

Jan. 24, San Jose Sharks

Feb. 9, Calgary Flames

Feb. 23, New York Rangers

March 2, Seattle Kraken

March 20, Florida Panthers

March 28, Pittsburgh Penguins

April 6, Buffalo Sabres

April 10, Dallas Stars

Starting home games at 7 p.m. aligns with the start times of 27 of the 32 NHL clubs.