Red Wings F Daniel Sprong accused of assaulting former INDYCAR driver Zachary Claman DeMelo

According to Zachary Claman DeMelo, Daniel Sprong sucker punched him. DeMelo has posted photos of his messed up face to his Instagram Story.

The Detroit Red Wings, an iconic franchise in the NHL, might be headed for some challenging times. One of their newest signings, Daniel Sprong, is facing allegations of assault. Former INDYCAR driver, Zach Claman DeMelo, has accused Sprong of assaulting him during the Grand Prix weekend at a nightclub.

Detroit Red Wings Daniel Sprong

Red Wings F Daniel Sprong accused of assault

Sprong recently joined the Red Wings after General Manager Steve Yzerman signed him during this offseason. DeMelo detailed the assault, stating that Sprong grabbed him by the neck, pinned him to a wall, and later, after a separation, sucker-punched him in the face. DeMelo provided photographs of the injuries he sustained, which include extensive dental damage and a concussion.

“During Grand Prix weekend, I was assaulted at a night club by @DetroitRedWings @NHLplayer @sprong11,” Demelo posted to his Instagram Story. “He grabbed my neck and pinned me on a wall, we were separated during that scuffle. After when I believed the situation was over Daniel came back and sucker punched me in the face while I was defenceless.. The photos in the slide before is the after math of the incident. The dental work needed was brutal and I’m still not finished. I also sustained a concussion that I’ve been dealing with over the past few weeks. I just wanted to bring attention to this situation as no one has the right to act this way, especially an athlete of Daniel's caliber. We must hold our self to the highest standards and for him to do this is beyond disappointing. Due to legal reasons I cannot say more at this time.”

Daniel Sprong
Daniel Sprong
Daniel Sprong

During the 2022-23 season, Sprong had a commendable performance with the Kraken, where he registered 21 goals and 25 assists in 66 games.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Daniel Sprong, recent Detroit Red Wings signing, faces assault allegations.
  2. Former INDYCAR driver Zach Claman DeMelo is the alleged victim, sustaining severe injuries.
  3. Sprong's past season showcased strong performance with the Seattle Kraken.

Bottom Line – Sprong Could be in Hot Water

As the Detroit Red Wings gear up for their upcoming season, they may find themselves facing an unexpected challenge regarding Daniel Sprong. While the team's focus should ideally be on training and strategies, they now have a cloud of allegations overshadowing their preparations. How the Red Wings and the NHL respond to these accusations will be keenly observed. After all, it's not just about on-ice performance; it's about maintaining the dignity, respect, and integrity associated with the sport and its iconic franchises. With that being said, there are always two sides to a story.


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