Report: Ben Johnson did not knock 1st interview with Commanders out of the park

Report: Ben Johnson did not knock 1st interview with Commanders out of the park.

Report: Ben Johnson did not knock 1st interview with Commanders out of the park

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, who has been a pivotal figure in the team's recent offensive success, reportedly had a somewhat underwhelming first interview with the Washington Commanders. NFL Insider Albert Breer shed light on the dynamics surrounding Johnson's interaction with the Commanders. Despite Johnson's impressive track record with the Lions, his performance in the interview with the Commanders did not meet the high expectations.

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The Report

Here is what Breer had to say about what he heard about Johnson's first interview with the Commanders:

Then, there’s the flip side,” Breer wrote. “Washington really liked Johnson. But this was no fait accompli. In fact, as I’d heard it, the Commanders were hitting a soft reset in their process this week, looking to go with in-person interviews, and open-minded to wherever those talks would take them. The Seahawks, who are getting to meet with Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald for the first time, are taking the same approach, too. And for all of his strengths, Johnson didn’t knock his first interview with Washington out of the park.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. High Expectations: Despite high expectations, Ben Johnson's first interview with the Washington Commanders was not as impactful as anticipated.
  2. Coaching Dynamics: Johnson's situation reflects the nuanced dynamics of NFL coaching searches and interviews.
  3. Future Prospects: Johnson remains a valued member of the Detroit Lions, with his coaching stock still high despite the interview outcome.
Washington Commanders

The Bottom Line – Weighing the Options

The report on Ben Johnson's interaction with the Washington Commanders adds a layer of complexity to the narrative of NFL coaching hires. While Johnson's abilities as an offensive coordinator are well-respected, his interview with the Commanders suggests that even the most skilled coaches can face challenges in the interview process. Johnson's decision to remain with the Detroit Lions indicates a preference for a stable and supportive environment where he can continue to excel.

This choice also highlights the importance of fit and timing in coaching career decisions. As Johnson continues to build his legacy with the Lions, his experience with the Commanders serves as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of NFL coaching careers and the need for coaches to navigate these waters carefully.

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