Report: Detroit Lions losing Ben Johnson is a ‘foregone conclusion’

DAMNIT!!! Report: Detroit Lions losing Ben Johnson is a ‘foregone conclusion’.

Report: Detroit Lions losing Ben Johnson is a ‘foregone conclusion’

The Detroit Lions may soon face a significant shift in their coaching staff, as Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson is reportedly on the verge of joining the Washington Commanders. This development comes in the midst of an extraordinary playoff run for the Lions, during which Johnson's offensive strategies have been crucial.

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What they are Saying

ESPN's Jeff Darlington, on SportsCenter, described Johnson’s potential move to the Commanders as a “pretty forgone conclusion,” pending the end of the Lions' season.

“It is a pretty forgone conclusion in Washington, albeit one that we'll have to wait on to see with certainty, that Ben Johnson will wind up being the coach of the Commanders after the Lions' season ends,” Darlington said on ESPN's SportsCenter.

Johnson's transition to a head coach role, particularly after five virtual interviews last week, marks a noteworthy progression in his career. This potential change for the Lions is significant, considering Johnson’s role in crafting the team’s successful offense this season.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson's Likely Departure: Ben Johnson, Offensive Coordinator for the Detroit Lions, is reportedly on the brink of joining the Washington Commanders as their head coach, marking a significant shift in his career following a successful season with the Lions.
  2. Impact on the Lions' Offensive Strategy: Johnson's potential move to the Commanders signifies a notable change for the Lions, as his offensive strategies have been instrumental in the team’s success, indicating that his departure could lead to adjustments in their approach.
  3. Coaching Dynamics in the NFL: The likely transition of Johnson to a head coach position underscores the dynamic nature of NFL coaching careers and the impact of such moves on both the departing and receiving teams, highlighting the importance of coaching roles in shaping team success.
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The Bottom Line – A New Chapter for Johnson and the Lions

Ben Johnson’s probable move to the Commanders marks the beginning of a new chapter in his career and a period of transition for the Detroit Lions. His contribution to the Lions' offense has been pivotal, making his departure a notable moment for the team. While this change presents challenges, it also opens opportunities for new strategies and leadership within the Lions' coaching staff. As Johnson prepares for his expected role with the Commanders, the Lions are set to navigate the implications of this significant shift, reaffirming the ever-evolving landscape of NFL team management and strategy.

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