Report reveals why Ben Johnson decided to stay with Detroit Lions for 2024 season

Report reveals why Ben Johnson decided to stay with Detroit Lions for 2024 season.

Report reveals why Ben Johnson decided to stay with Detroit Lions for 2024 season

Earlier today, news broke that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, who was arguably the hottest head coach candidate for the current cycle, had notified the remaining two teams looking for a head coach that he had decided to remain in Detroit for the 2024 season. Upon the news breaking, most speculated that the Lions must have given Johnson more money to stick around for another season.

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Why Ben Johnson Stayed With Detroit Lions

Contrary to popular belief, Johnson's decision wasn't motivated by a financial incentive. Adam Schefter reports that Johnson, who still has two years on his existing contract with Detroit, did not receive any adjustments to his deal. This move signifies a strong sense of loyalty to the Lions over monetary gain.

“Lions’ offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has two years remaining on his contract with Detroit,” Schefter reported. “His deal was not adjusted to stay, per league source, proving that money is not Johnson’s biggest motivation. The Lions still could opt to adjust the contract down the line, but it’s not the reason that Johnson returned to Detroit today. Johnson is loyal.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Loyalty Over Money: Ben Johnson, the Detroit Lions' offensive coordinator, has chosen to remain with the team for the 2024 season, despite being a highly sought-after candidate for head coaching roles.
  2. No Contract Adjustment: Contrary to speculation, Johnson's decision to stay was not influenced by financial gain, as reported by Adam Schefter. His contract with the Lions remains unaltered, emphasizing his commitment to the team over monetary incentives.
  3. Setting a New Trend: Johnson's rare display of fidelity in the NFL, prioritizing the right team fit and loyalty over career advancement, sets a commendable example in a league often driven by financial and professional opportunities.
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The Bottom Line – A Rare Display of Fidelity in NFL

In an industry often driven by financial and career advancements, Ben Johnson stands out for his allegiance to the Detroit Lions. His decision to stay, despite having options for head coaching roles and no immediate financial benefit, is a testament to his dedication to the Lions' project and his belief in the team's future. Johnson's loyalty, a rare and commendable trait in the NFL, could set a new precedent for how coaches approach career decisions, valuing the significance of loyalty and the impact they can make in their current roles.

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