Reporter believes Detroit Lions play their home games outdoors [Video]

Reporter believes Detroit Lions play their home games outdoors [Video].

Reporter believes Detroit Lions play their home games outdoors [Video]

In a rather amusing and somewhat embarrassing turn of events, a sports reporter recently sparked confusion and laughter during a press conference with Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles. The reporter, seemingly unaware of the fact that the Detroit Lions play their home games indoors at Ford Field, asked Bowles about special plans to acclimate his team to the frigid temperatures in Detroit. This query came ahead of the Buccaneers‘ upcoming Divisional Round playoff game against the Lions.

Reporter believes Detroit Lions

The Question

Here is the question, that a reporter who will not be named, asked Todd Bowles during a recent presser.

“Today, it’s 13 degrees in Detroit, which doesn’t compare to some of the temperatures (inaudible), any special plans to acclimate the team to not only endure, but perform in those kind of frigid temperatures, should you face them in Detroit?”

Bowles' Baffled Response

Todd Bowles, taken aback by the question, paused before pointing out a crucial fact: the game against the Detroit Lions would be played indoors.

“You do know we play indoors, right? They got a dome,” Bowles expressed. “I don’t, no, nothing planned. We’re indoors and only have to be outside for 20 seconds, getting off the bus, going under the thing. So, we’ll be okay.”

An Oversight in Sports Journalism

This incident brings to light a notable oversight in sports journalism. Covering the NFL, or any major sport, requires familiarity with basic aspects like stadium environments. The reporter's lack of awareness about the Detroit Lions' indoor home field is a glaring gap in knowledge, especially when covering a significant event like the NFL playoffs.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Misguided Cold Weather Concern: A reporter asked Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles about special plans to prepare his team for cold weather conditions in Detroit, seemingly unaware that the Detroit Lions play their home games indoors at Ford Field.
  2. Bowles’ Bemused Response: Bowles responded with evident confusion and clarified that the game would be played indoors, mentioning that they would only be outside briefly while getting off the bus and entering the stadium.
  3. Journalistic Oversight: The incident raises questions about the reporter's knowledge of the NFL, as not knowing the Lions play indoors, especially in a professional setting, reflects a significant oversight in understanding the basic conditions of the game.

The Bottom Line: Do Your Homework

The mix-up serves as a humorous reminder of the importance of preparation and research in sports reporting. While Bowles handled the situation with bemusement and a light-hearted approach, it underscores the essential need for journalists to be well-informed about the sports and teams they cover. Accurate information is vital, not just for credibility but also to avoid such awkward situations. For fans and media alike, this incident will likely be remembered as a quirky footnote in the buildup to a high-stakes playoff game.


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