Romeo Okwara reveals Achilles injury setback

Romeo Okwara has revealed that his Achilles rehab suffered a major setback last season.

Detroit Lions EDGE Romeo Okwara has revealed in an exclusive interview with Kyle Meinke of MLive that his Achilles injury suffered in 2021 necessitated a second surgery. This occurred five months into his rehabilitation after the initial procedure failed to fully address the injury. Okwara's revelation offers crucial insights into his journey back to health throughout the 2022 season, as well as his standing as he enters the last year of his current contract.

Romeo Okwara

Romeo Okwara reveals Achilles injury setback

Okwara initially suffered his Achilles injury in early October 2021, but it was not until December 2022 that he was fit to play again. It transpired that Okwara had to endure five months of ineffective rehabilitation before undergoing a second surgery. Despite returning to football late in the 2022 season, Okwara was not completely healed.

“It was completely (expletive),” he said to Meinke.

“I almost had to start over, which is just very frustrating, because you’re working so hard,” Okwara says. Then he starts punctuating every word by smashing those big, violent, quarterback-eating hands together.

“You’re [CLAP] doing [CLAP} all [CLAP] the [CLAP] things [CLAP] you [CLAP] can [CLAP],” he says. “Then you have a setback, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you basically have to start over.’”

Ignore the Morons

When the months continued to pass without Okwara returning to practice, plenty of people on the outside started to question what was going on. But rather than reveal his setback, Okwara just kept working.

“You try to stick with (the process) and try to ignore whatever the (expletive) people are saying on the outside because they don’t know what the (expletive) you’re going through,” Okwara said. “You just keep on pushing. That’s just the athlete mentality. You just have to keep on pushing, keep on pushing, keep doing the work, keep trusting the work you’re doing, and knowing you’re going to overcome.”

Key Points

  • Romeo Okwara suffered an Achilles injury in October 2021 that needed two surgeries.
  • Okwara underwent five months of unsuccessful rehabilitation before the second surgery.
  • Despite returning to football, Okwara was not fully fit during the 2022 season.
  • Okwara enters the 2023 season feeling healthy and ready to dominate.
Romeo Okwara Detroit Lions

Bottom Line – Overcoming Adversity

Romeo Okwara's revealing account of his injury and subsequent recovery highlights not just the physical toll, but also the mental fortitude required to succeed in professional sports. As he navigates his way back to optimal fitness, his story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. With renewed vigor and determination, Okwara is geared up for a dominant 2023 season. Only time will tell if his resilience and hard work will pay off.


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