Ryan Walters post-game handshake with Jim Harbaugh went as expected [Video]

Ryan Walters post-game handshake with Jim Harbaugh went as expected [Video].

Ryan Walters post-game handshake with Jim Harbaugh went as expected

Saturday night's postgame handshake between Purdue coach Ryan Walters and Michigan‘s head coach Jim Harbaugh went about as most expected it would go. The Wolverines secured a dominant victory over Purdue, winning 41-13 at the Big House. However, the primary focus wasn't on the game's outcome, but on the allegations surrounding Michigan's football program.

Ryan Walters post-game handshake with Jim Harbaugh

Why it Matters

Michigan has been embroiled in a significant cheating scandal, with allegations that a former staffer, Connor Stalions, was involved in a massive sign-stealing operation.

Ryan Walters, Purdue's head coach, was vocal about his belief that Michigan had cheated and claimed to have evidence supporting this assertion. He emphasized that the evidence was not mere allegations but backed by video proof. Walters even said that Purdue had to adapt and develop new signals to prevent further cheating.

The Handshake

The tension between the two coaches was palpable during the postgame handshake. Walters, clearly not a fan of Harbaugh or his team, walked past him without engaging in any pleasantries. The icy exchange left no doubt that the allegations had strained their professional relationship.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Purdue coach Ryan Walters refused to shake hands with Jim Harbaugh after Michigan's win.
  2. The contentious postgame interaction is a result of allegations of cheating by Michigan.
  3. The future meetings between Harbaugh and other Big Ten coaches are eagerly anticipated.
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Bottom Line: A Handshake That Spoke Volumes

In the world of college football, postgame handshakes have often been a symbol of sportsmanship and mutual respect between coaches, regardless of the game's outcome. However, the recent exchange between Ryan Walters and Jim Harbaugh showcased a different narrative. It highlighted the intensity of allegations and tensions that can arise within the sport, making it clear that not all handshakes are friendly.

The refusal to shake hands between Walters and Harbaugh underscores the seriousness of the cheating scandal that has rocked Michigan. It's a reminder that college football is not just about the games played on the field but also about the complex relationships and rivalries that develop off it.

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