Scott Harris explains why Detroit Tigers have not called up Colt Keith, other prospects

Scott Harris spoke tonight during the Detroit Tigers matchup against the Oakland Athletics.

When you look up and down the Detroit Tigers‘ current lineup, there is much left to be desired. Yet, Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris has not called up a few of the team's top prospects, including Colt Keith, who has been mashing in the minors. On Wednesday, Harris addressed why he has not called up Keith, and others, saying that “the goal is to get them here when they're ready to stay here and perform for a long time.

Scott Harris Detroit Tigers

Harris explains why Tigers have not called up top prospects

Here is what Harris had to say about the clamor for call-ups like Keith, Justyn-Henry Malloy, and Parker Meadows.

“We make mistakes all the time in this game when we react too positively or negatively to something that happens in a short window of time,” Harris said on Bally Sports Detroit. “Baseball teaches you over time. I'm really glad those guys are performing in Toledo. But there's a little more that they have to do. We've got to remind ourselves: The goal is not to get them here as quickly as we can. The goal is to get them here when they're ready to stay here and perform for a long time.”

Key Points

  • Long-term success and development: Scott Harris emphasizes the importance of long-term success and player development over short-term gains.
  • Avoiding reactionary decisions: Harris acknowledges the tendency in baseball to make hasty decisions based on short-term performance. He emphasizes the need to avoid overreacting to small sample sizes and urges patience in evaluating prospects.
  • Balancing development and immediate needs: While fans may argue that promoting top prospects to the Major Leagues could provide an offensive boost to the team, Harris remains committed to the long-term development of the players.
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Bottom Line: Harris insists on patience

Harris continues to make it clear that he will not rush players to the Major League level, even if they are tearing it up in the minors. That being said, would it really hurt their development if they get a taste of the Big Leagues on a team that needs an offensive boost?