Spencer Turnbull Bids Farewell to Detroit Tigers

Spencer Turnbull Bids Farewell to Detroit Tigers during an interview with The Detroit News.

Spencer Turnbull Bids Farewell to Detroit Tigers

As Spencer Turnbull steps onto a new path in his baseball career, he takes a moment to look back and appreciate the journey he has had with the Detroit Tigers. Now healthy, Spencer Turnbull is embracing his newfound status as a free agent, ready to explore uncharted territories in his professional life. Yet, before he fully dives into what the future holds, during an interview with The Detroit News, he has chosen to address two important aspects of his past – his gratefulness to the Detroit Tigers organization and his beloved fans.

Spencer Turnbull Detroit Tigers demote Spencer Turnbull Spencer Turnbull Bids Farewell to Detroit Tigers

Fond Farewell to Detroit

For Spencer Turnbull, Detroit was more than just a team; it was a home. Here is some of what Turnbull told Chris McCoskey of The Detroit News:

“Even though my time in Detroit might not have ended the way I would have chosen, I am still forever grateful for my time with the Tigers organization,” Turnbull said. “I will never take for granted the chance they took on me when they drafted me as a young 21-year-old junior out of the University of Alabama and gave me the opportunity to make my dreams a reality.

“Detroit has been all I’ve ever known as a professional and this is definitely bittersweet for me. I was always proud to wear the old English D. I wish nothing but the best to my former team and will miss playing in front of the amazing fans of Detroit.”

Cherishing the Memories

In the midst of change, Spencer Turnbull chooses to focus on the positive memories he has garnered during his time with the Tigers. He speaks fondly of his relationships with teammates, coaches, and particularly with manager AJ Hinch, whom he regards as a father figure and credits for his growth both as a player and a person.

“I will move forward holding on to the many good memories I do have with the Tigers,” he said. “I will miss my teammates and coaches and AJ (Hinch, manager) dearly. AJ and I were very close and I considered him like a second dad. I truly believe he is one of the best managers in the game. I am a better man and better pitcher because of him.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Grateful Departure: Spencer Turnbull expresses heartfelt gratitude for his time with the Detroit Tigers, reflecting on the opportunities and experiences that shaped his career since being drafted as a young player from the University of Alabama.
  2. Cherished Memories and Relationships: Despite recent challenges, including recovery from Tommy John surgery, Turnbull chooses to remember the triumphs and positive relationships, especially his bond with manager AJ Hinch, who he credits for his growth both professionally and personally.
  3. Optimistic Transition to Free Agency: At 31, healthy and rejuvenated, Turnbull is ready to embrace new opportunities in his career as a free agent, carrying with him the lessons, skills, and fond memories from his decade-long tenure with the Detroit Tigers.

The Bottom Line: End Of An Era for Turnbull

Spencer Turnbull's farewell to the Detroit Tigers marks the end of an important era in his life, but it also signals the beginning of an exciting new journey. His gratitude for his time in Detroit and the relationships he formed there is a testament to the impact the team and the city have had on him. As he moves forward, Turnbull's optimism and readiness for new challenges are indicative of his resilience and passion for the game. The Tigers, their fans, and the city of Detroit will always hold a special place in his heart as he embarks on this next chapter.


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