Steve Yzerman explains why Red Wings traded for Klim Kostin

Steve Yzerman says Klim Kostin will have an opportunity to have a bigger role on the Red Wings than he did with the Oilers.

In an effort to bolster the Detroit Red Wings roster, General Manager Steve Yzerman has traded for Klim Kostin. While speaking to reporters on Thursday, Yzerman identified specific criteria that Kostin fulfills, aligning with the team's strategy to become a more formidable force in the NHL. The acquisition of Kostin comes at the cost of taking on Kailer Yamamoto and his contract from the Edmonton Oilers, a move that signifies the Red Wings' commitment to enhancing their lineup.

Steve Yzerman Detroit Red Wings Klim Kostin

Yzerman's Insight into the Trade

Yzerman saw significant value in adding Kostin to the team's roster noting that he brings size and physicality to the team's playing style.

“Kostin is a big winger, plays hard,” Yzerman said Thursday. “We were looking to add some of that. We have to figure out exactly what our plan and where Kailer (fits). I haven't even had a chance to talk to him or his agent to figure out what our plan there is.”

“We watched him last year,” Yzerman said. “He's big and he skated well, got more involved. He played on a pretty deep team in Edmonton, so this is an opportunity to take on a bigger role. We felt like he showed he can play in the NHL as a regular, that was our opinion. We're optimistic he can work his way into a bigger role with us.”

Key Points

  • Steve Yzerman acquires Klim Kostin to strengthen the Detroit Red Wings roster.
  • Kostin's size and physicality make him an appealing addition.
  • Trade involves taking on Kailer Yamamoto and his contract from the Edmonton Oilers.
  • Kostin's performance in the previous season showcased his potential for growth.
  • Red Wings aim to provide Kostin with a larger role to further develop his NHL career.

Bottom Line – A Promising Acquisition

Kostin's addition not only bolsters the team's lineup but also presents a golden opportunity for the young gun to showcase his abilities and solidify his spot among the NHL elite. As the Red Wings push forward, this trade has the potential to become a pivotal moment in their relentless pursuit of triumph. With Kostin's impact, the team's quest for success gains an exciting new dimension.


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