Surprise! Malcolm Rodriguez gets new position with Detroit Lions

Malcolm Rodriguez gets new position with Detroit Lions: Surprise!

Malcolm Rodriguez gets new position with Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions decided to make a surprising move by giving Malcolm Rodriguez, a former starting linebacker, an opportunity on offense during their game against the Baltimore Ravens. Rodriguez filled in the team's temporary vacancy at fullback, showcasing the Lions' commitment to maximizing their roster's flexibility.

Malcolm Rodriguez gets new position

What did Dan Campbell Say?

Following the game, Dan Campbell expressed the Lions' intrigue with Rodriguez's potential in this new role.

“We think there is a lot of flexibility with him,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said. “We're always talking about how do we maximize the roster. …We felt like, ‘Hey, man, let's give Rodrigo a go at fullback. We've been intrigued by that for a while. And we know he's going to (be active for) the game, because he plays as a core special teams player for us, plays some defense, when needed. We just wanted to get him more involved. We're intrigued with him. We like him at that position, as well.”

What did Malcolm Rodriguez

Rodriguez, who hadn't played offense since high school, relished the opportunity to make an impact as a fullback.

“It felt good to hit somebody,” Rodriguez said. “I haven't played offense since high school. I'll do whatever I can to help the team.”

Rodriguez added that playing a lot of special teams with the Lions has helped prepare him for this opportunity.

“Yeah, it definitely helps,” he said. “Been blocking on special teams all year, so I'm like you know what? Let's line up and see what I've got.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Versatility in Player Usage: The Detroit Lions' decision to deploy Malcolm Rodriguez, a former linebacker, as a fullback demonstrates their commitment to exploring player versatility.
  2. Strategic Roster Management: By trying Rodriguez in a new position, the Lions show that they are willing to think outside the box in terms of roster management.
  3. Embracing Innovation: This move emphasizes the Lions' commitment to exploring innovative strategies.

The Bottom Line: Embracing Change

The Lions' move to deploy Malcolm Rodriguez as a fullback is a testament to their readiness to embrace change and adapt in the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL. Though Rodriguez has not played on the offensive side of the ball, he is clearly willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win.