Tigers’ Zach McKinstry Earns Gold Glove Nomination Despite Offensive Struggles

Zach McKinstry's Defensive Prowess Earns Him a Gold Glove Nomination as a Utilityman, Marking a Bright Spot in an Otherwise Challenging Season for the Detroit Tigers' Versatile Player.

Tigers' Zach McKinstry's Stellar Defensive Season Earns Him Gold Glove Nomination in 2023

Zach McKinstry may not have been a powerhouse at the plate for the Detroit Tigers this season, but he's been nothing short of spectacular on defense. The utilityman has been named a Gold Glove finalist in the American League, a first in his career. Winners will be announced on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight on November 5.

Metrics That Matter: Zach McKinstry's Defensive Stats

Tigers' Zach McKinstry's Stellar Defensive Season Earns Him Gold Glove Nomination in 2023
Via Baseball Savant

According to Baseball Savant, McKinstry had an outs above average (OAA) of 4 this season, placing him in the 85th percentile. His arm strength was even more impressive, ranking in the 96th percentile.

Versatility Across the Diamond

He had 3 defensive runs saved (DRS) this season across several different positions. His worst position was shortstop, where he had a DRS of -3. However, he excelled in right field, boasting 2 DRS.

The Competition: Dubon and Walls

McKinstry faces stiff competition from Mauricio Dubon of the Astros and Taylor Walls of the Rays. Dubon had 5 DRS and 3 OAA, primarily at second base, while Walls had 10 DRS but a negative OAA of -6. Interestingly, Walls is the only finalist who hasn't played in the outfield this season.

The Playoff Factor: A Potential Roadblock for McKinstry

When it comes to the metrics, the race for the Gold Glove appears to be neck-and-neck. However, McKinstry faces an uphill battle as both of his competitors were part of playoff teams. Historically, team performance has been a significant factor in Gold Glove voting.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Zach McKinstry earns Gold Glove nomination as a utilityman for the Detroit Tigers.
  2. He faces stiff competition from Mauricio Dubon and Taylor Walls.
  3. Team performance in the playoffs could be a deciding factor in the voting.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the outcome, McKinstry's nomination is a testament to his defensive skills and a point of pride for the Tigers. Even if he doesn't take home the award, his recognition is a win in itself.

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