Tom Kennedy returns to Detroit Lions, team now has 2 options

Tom Kennedy was previously waived by the Detroit Lions. Now he is back... at least for now.

Earlier this week, the Detroit Lions waived wide receiver Tom Kennedy due to an injury. However, he reportedly cleared waivers and returned to the Lions, but now on their injured reserve list. The team is now faced with two options. Kennedy can stay on the injured reserve list, meaning his 2023 season would end. Alternatively, the Lions could cut Kennedy with an injury settlement, leaving him free to sign elsewhere, including potentially returning to the Lions at a later date.

Tom Kennedy returns to Detroit Lions, team now has 2 options

The Lions now have 2 options when it comes to Kennedy.

Option 1: Stay on Injured Reserve

The first option the Lions have would simply be for Kennedy to remain on Injured Reserve. If the Lions decide to do this, NFL rules say Kennedy's 2023 season is over.

Option 2: Cut with an Injury Settlement

The second option the Lions have would be to cut Kennedy with an injury settlement. If the team goes this route, Kennedy would become a free agent, and he would be able to sign with any team, including the Detroit Lions. That being said, for the Lions to cut him and then re-sign him, they would not only have to wait for the duration of Kennedy's injury but, per NFL rules, they would also have to wait an additional three weeks.

What will the Lions do?

Personally, I believe the Lions will choose Option 2 and cut Kennedy, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Why it Matters

As we previously passed along, Kennedy's injury occurred during a training camp practice, after a collision with rookie linebacker Jack Campbell. While it appeared to be an arm/shoulder injury, no further details were provided. Filling Kennedy's roster spot is former Michigan Panthers receiver Trey Quinn, who joins the Lions after a successful year in the USFL.

Tom Kennedy Detroit Lions Trey Quinn

Key Points

  • Tom Kennedy, waived due to an injury, has returned to the Lions on their injured reserve list.
  • The Lions face a decision – keep Kennedy on the IR for the 2023 season, or cut him with an injury settlement.
  • Kennedy's injury resulted from a collision during a training camp practice.
  • Trey Quinn, a former Michigan Panthers receiver, has been signed by the Lions to fill Kennedy's spot.

Bottom Line – Navigating Injuries and the Way Forward

Tom Kennedy's return to the Detroit Lions, albeit on the injured reserve list, presents the team with a crucial decision. While injuries are an unfortunate part of the sport, they also open avenues for strategic decisions and potential opportunities for other players. The addition of Trey Quinn is one such example, as he fills the void left by Kennedy. Regardless of the path chosen, the situation underscores the complex dynamics and tough choices that teams must navigate during an NFL season.